You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


A reason concept of the heavenly body. From a tool to a tool.

I read the word the "present (in Japanese: 現在)"
as "including a technology for existing in the phenomenal world."
I feel no problem now.

People of the Jomon period manifested
the pattern with the rope (tool) to earthenware (tool).
Like the present, they also have night
and stars were shining at night.
Although I regard associating them as the tendency of my curiosity,
there were other people who get interested in this.

I will have a meal. I do not ask whether tableware is earthenware.

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The first scheme method, the second scheme method, the third scheme method.

The influence calculated is very vast,
when the consideration to Nietzsche and Soseki Natsume is affirmed,
and also when applying game theory to the second scheme method
is affirmed.
the first scheme method is basic training method still now.

Consideration to Nietzsche.

Consideration to Soseki Natume.

From now on,
I will support the second scheme method by the third scheme method.
Some reaction is observed also my social life at present.
This cannot deny assuming that it is the same
as that also of people who know the second scheme method.
Since it comes out, as for the third scheme method, I keep secret.

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The a priori effort for change.

I heard once that Soseki Natsume said to the pupil,
"study mathematics if you would like to write a good novel."
Then, I purchased the book of "I am a cat" of Japanese and English
those days.

In "I am a cat",
when we recognize "Cogito ergo sum (I think, so I am)" of Descartes,
because [ my ] is considered",
and we can recognize that "intellectual actual existence"
to consciousness (I) has gotten.
It is "the first permutation of the system"
by this "the cat is intellectual actual existence."
"Second permutation of the system" as "it is a particular example
of all the intellectual actual existence" in "a cat."

By "Yet I have no name",
and it is "recognition of the intellectual actual existence
in society is still insufficient" for "the third permutation
of the system".
Soseki Natsume completed this by one line.
Change is not added to "Japanese (English) itself" among the line.

"Application of (the achievement in) the mathematical book
which I own" which I am carrying out to the scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game resembles this.

However, regrettably,
since realization of the Glass Bead Game was tackled those days,
working, I was not able to read and advance about "I am a cat."

Although I recognize it as Soseki Natsume (Soseki Natume Kinnosuke)
and Ougai Mori (Ogai Mori Rintaro) having aimed at solution
of the relation between the wisdom from old Japan
and the wisdom of the West for modernization in Meiji,
I had started from "Meiji had such a challenge",
and since the time of life is finite,
I do not deny my effort of that time
which I had took the even vaster time scale.
I think that I had influence of the spiritualism (belief to truth)
of teacher Ayao Ide.
It is the time I am twenties.

The other side,
I recognize change which is equal
to "the occurrence since the Black-Ships arrival
(from the United States in the Edo period)" having occurred now.
When change acquired from the news site is seen,
the volition or decision-making responding to this change
as the whole Japanese it is felt.

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"Mathematical auxiliary means (a priori auxiliary means)" for "one of the a priori purposes".

I was reading the book of a certain mathematics by turns
from the front which is a fundamental explanation
and from the back which is conclusions.
Since an other "theme to solve previously" was obtained,
I saw the answer on the "problem" of the mathematical book.
"To solve the part which we can solve and to answer
that the part which cannot solve is unsolved" was an answer.
I think that this is "one of the correct answers"
at least as mathematics.

Because, it is correct
if "a mathematical auxiliary means (a priori auxiliary means)"
be stated when "an unsolved part" should be
"one of the a priori purposes,
since "synthesis of a number is beforehand a priori"
(according to "pure reason criticism" of Kant)
The "mathematical auxiliary means" includes
"the existing achievement."
And it is also the characteristic of the chapter
which I am reading now.

I was "seeing" the domain of experiential (a posteriori)
about my own subject since the word of being a priori
was continued.
"The theme to solve previously" is
"the system prepared in order to verify the relation
between the third scheme method and mathematics",
and it was expected this "disappeared."
This disappeared.

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Acquisition of a priori capability affirms a major premise.

I remembered Nietzsche.
When it declared "God died" (denial of a major premise)
with existentialism,
what is "transcendental (a priori) capability" must be tested
"Affirmation of transcendental decision",
such as "I make the intention itself be an intention"
or "living the life itself", was required for it.

Now, when declaring
"affirmation of the major premise (there is God)" anew,
I consider that "the transcendental (a priori) capability"
in existentialism is not denied by it.
In the range which I know,
the German Romanticism is affirmed for the grope
of the evolution possibility.

Nietzsche himself reached "Eternal regression"
in "Thus Spake Zarathustra",
and he affirmed Buddhism by next writing
"Ecce Homo (Look at this person)"
(although it was a negative attitude).

I think that I may judge the trial in existentialism
to be truth in acquisition of a priori capability too
since Dionysos is also transcendental existence (divine)
although it concluded
"I am Dionysos (divine of drunkenness) of Christ"
by writing "Ecce Homo (Look at this person)."

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