You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


the books for study

30 years ago, to shorten time to confirm a German grammar,
I was adding the supplement to the table of contents.
A good point of a book of paper.


Even if I have a grammar,
it is often difficult to study in a dictionary.
I think that it has different characteristics
compared with a daily language.


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the keyboard, and tones.

I'm touching tones.
about 15 minutes a day.

It is a keyboard for the first time in 16 years.

Symphony No.1 of Brahms.

Because of the function of the synthesizer,
the left half of the keyboard has been set as the flute.
Then, the chords follow the left hand.

I wrote helps.

since I tried the flute previously,
trial and error was more than the violin.

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the intrinsic sound source and a battery.

I exchanged the battery of the synthesizer several days ago.

*If opening the case of product, it is self-responsibility.

Although it is a model of 22 years ago, when I refer to the Internet,
it is rather a little expensive.
I think that an intrinsic sound source attracts attention.

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Latin. Synthesizer.

I read the German text of Hesse and translated the Latin part.


I think that Latin order has the characteristic in sound.

in natural language, it is because
the sounds might be yielded before the symbol
or there might be the sounds in language
also when literacy was low.

I put the synthesizer in the room after a long time.


I would like to touch the tone with Brahms's symphony No. 1
several times per week, even if it is 20 minutes every time.

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Permit and Declare for the third scheme method of the Glass Bead Game.

I have pursued information on and after January 20.
The thing which found-out various turning points make expect
resembles the world where I wanted to meet.

Balance existed in each action which leads recovery to the world
of tending to bankruptcy with progress of time.
While each thought was transcended, the individuality shone strongly.

Religious force attracted attention again.
Abraham was the initial prophet
because a contract with God was possible on him.

Based on this, I make the next declaration.

I permit the United States, Russia, and United Kingdom
use of the third scheme method of the Glass Bead Game.
In this case, also my own use is kept.

Besides, since the third scheme method and the second scheme method
are independent to each,
there is no deviation to the subject who has acceptance of use
of the second scheme method.

Use of the first scheme method is accepted to the world.
I append having referred
also the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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