You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Access to domain of definition ungiven has arisen. Precedence because of existence.

[General view.]


[what is guiding?]

Language is revelation of the nature of the reflection
on the both sides of spirit and a phenomenon,
and is the structure.

The existence itself of this structure is a prototype
of the intuition to the domain
which is not defined, and manifests conformity with it
that human's action is a reaction to the domain of
definition ungiven.

It is understood as one of the reasons
that trial is positive spirituality.

[Mapping for your force.]

Although thinking power is the acquisition method of
the phenomenon world,
it is also a reaction of existing as human.

Although the language or the symbols are the substance
of the reaction to the both sides of
spirit and a phenomenon,
taking advantage of the structural experience,
human uses things of the phenomenon world for acquisition
of a sign.
human's activity may connote the result of the sign.

Things are the particularity of existence.
Existence has reacted to the both sides of
spirit and the phenomenon.
Human is one aspect of existence.

Human exists utilizing the composition of things
as a symbol or a sign in reacting to the spirituality
in activity.

Human's activity includes spiritual precedence.
Access to the domain of definition ungiven has
always arisen.

Scheme: 1812

This article is related to the scheme 1805.
"About spatiotemporal capability for conformity to appear
in natural generation power and advanced imaginative power."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Expression of free meaning. Same rank nature of self-existence and phenomenon world.

[General view.]


[what is guiding?]

Human reproduces the world to spirit.
human expects expression of humanity
to the phenomenal world.
human considers that achievement of the expectation
is development.

[Mapping for your force.]

Also in high order development of technology etc.,
human expects that the dialog form of
self-existence and the phenomenon world will be kept up.

It is the world of a myth as an old thing,
and is the Internet as a new thing.

In other words, dialog form is revelation of
the substance of the free meaning as the origin.
In revelation of this substance,
the culture and civilization as foreknowledge nature
in the phenomenon world progress.

That is, progress can be described in foreknowledge.

When finding out self capability in this description,
it is judged what strengthens self or what weakens.

The judgment explains "what is a meaning or value."
It is a standard of preservation of survival.

Scheme: 1802

This article is related to the scheme 1801.
"We realize shift of high dimension of world with nature
of reaction of self."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Conformity can exist in natural occurrence and occurrence of human being's practical workability. Predominance.

[General view.]


[what is guiding?]

The occurrence itself in nature is grasped
in both form and non-form.
For example,
it is already practiced by the Buddhist
for a long period of time,
that a human being's practice can occur similarly.

[Mapping for your force.]

A "meaning" is systematic grasp
in the phenomenon world.
Also when the existing "meaning" can not be validity,
a new meaning occurs
in a human being's practical workability.

That is, it is not lost that a "meaning" exists itself.

The form that a human being uses does not always precede
the phenomenon world.
However, form always exists in the occurring phenomenon.

That is,
"conformity" of the nature of a phenomenon and
the nature of practice exists,
without getting "restrictions by the time."
It makes the "meaning" of
a human being's practical workability being affirmed
and existing.

Although restrictions exist in the "meaning"
which a human being usually uses,
it is a part of the "meaning" which occurs
in the world where a human being exists.

That a part always exists really means
that a human being can trust self actual existence
and the world about practice.

Like this, "an uncertain meaning" is practiced.
"Conformity" transcends the restrictions of the time
and exists.
It is the world where the human being lives.

Scheme: 1798

This article is related to the scheme 1797.
"It is human beings' change to experience of dignity
that is precedence of phase which is conformity with truth."

The effect exists also in yourself.

(C) Copyright 2015 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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To use transcendental concept for acquisition of progress of survival probability. To find out to key stimulus.

[General view.]


[what is guiding?]

From grasp of the global image of the phenomenon world and
a human being's activity on the whole,
"Finding out suitable for progress of survival probability"
is obtained.

[Mapping for your force.]

The human being has the ability to manifest
a transcendental concept.

One of the nature of a transcendental concept is use
in order to lead a human being to the world which progressed
to the existing world.

On the other hand,
a transcendental concept manifests the difference of change
in the phenomenon world and a human being's practice world,
and it makes a human being find out change of an indicator.
When I liken it,
it is a difference of the work which demands exertion of
ultimate ability from a human being,
and the work which makes the suitable key stimulus
for continuation of survival discover.

While the key stimulus is also shared
as what derives reason ability,
it newly derives a human being's imaginative power.

Furthermore, if an example is obtained,
we can consider the difference in the state of
making the state of mind and body easy to react
to information,
and in the state of making us have concentrated
on obtaining information from the Internet.

Although a transcendental concept is the ability
to make a tip find out,
it is also the ability of the global image
which grasps the phenomenon world and a way of life

Selection in a global image increases survival probability.

Scheme: 1789

This article is related to the scheme 1788.
"Work which key stimulus on intersection of existence world
and imaginative power leads to urge by freedom."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Those who acquire with spontaneousness centripetal force which change of energy in phenomenon world manifests.

[General view.]


[Mapping for your force.]

In a view of the world,
when an unexpected occurrence arises
about the oriented imaginative power.

Change of the energy in the world
which is imagined has told the individual a new theme.

The world has implied a new potential domain then.

The spontaneousness to precedence becomes possible.
As becoming the person concerned with achievement.

There is a tendency
which justifies self in thinking.
On the other hand,
there is ability to react to the difference
between consciousness and the phenomenal world
in thinking.

The new potential domain shown is
the new centripetal force of the formation force
by the phenomenon world.

Those who do not have adherence for egoism
acquire the new way that should be suitable
for change.

Those who are training the free imaginative power
acquire spontaneousness about new centripetal force
more sharply.

Scheme: 1779

This article is related to the scheme 1762.
"In present paradigm, human being's one-time nature
is basis supporting structure of world."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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