You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


"A process as personality in the effect corresponding to the imaginative power."

Present condition:

It is thought that the creativity
of the time is decreasing.

Found-out context:

You assume temporarily
that you have an eye of God.
In that case, probably,
known and all things unknown miraculous
are seen.

You assume that things unknown miraculous
may arise potentially.
A brain will react also unknown as if
it restored the miracle.

The capability of the human being
who restores the world will work,
when things unknown change to known.
It is based on a process as personality.

A person imagines in a person's figure,
when considering God.
Probably, the process as personality of your future
is seen when you look at a mirror.


The energy:

The difference of two, the source of unknown things,
and an effect of things corresponding to the process
in which a person react to an unknown existence.

The structure:

What is as personality in the reaction process
to unknown things corresponding to human's
imaginative power.

diagram: 1529

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"Things that are observed when existence and self are united."

Present condition:

Consciousness is concentrated on use
of clear energy.

Found-out context:

The spirit can go back in time and it can act.
Till the cause by which things are born.

In thinking, it is the pursuit of a law.
In existence, observing self and a phenomenon
being united.

When self and a phenomenon are united,
not only the structure of energy
but how to act people's mind comes to be known.

If a physical phenomenon is checked in the world,
various life existence will also react in relation
to it.
It is because change in the world is
what is united and arises.

The world exists as existence.
Being united with existence is becoming intuitive
at the change group united.


The energy:

The method of the energy which can correlate
a variety of energy, and be observed.

The structure:

The individual life as well as the world belongs
to existence.
The method that existence and self are united
about feeling.

diagram: 1528

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"A life, a principle, and reproduction."

Present condition:

Collapse of that which we considered
as a principle.

Found-out context:

Breathing of a life is a manifestation
of the existence which makes a life possible.
There are things that can check the existence
which makes a life possible similarly.

Even if the structure where the life used breaks,
the universality which makes a life possible
exists without breaking.

Something that relieves you exists about the life.

Civilization sublimated things
that make a life possible.

Experience for which you groped about the life
becomes the foundation of new manifestation.


The energy:

A certain compatibility is assumed
by the form of the energy supporting civilization,
and the form of the energy in which the universe

The structure:

The structure of the civilization
of strangeness and known may be decomposed
into the structure of surviving possible.

diagram: 1527

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"The system which sleeps in a life, and the system which is latent in a phenomenon."

Present condition:

The system which had obtained the food
for living has disappeared.
Impatience confuses mind and body.

Found-out context:

Combustion of a life makes consciousness react
to indistinct fate,
and makes a person grope for the system
in which a potential reaction is possible.
Or the reaction of the unknown system appears
as a key.

In order for the system of a new technique
for living to appear,
many of systems of the reaction in the world
must be tried.
It is also a system of a reaction possible
to a life.

The reaction system which is outside,
and the reaction system which is inside.
It is blessed that the two things
have a concord relation.


The energy:

The energy of the life which can react
to the system in the world potentially can be used
with intention.

The structure:

Grasp of the contents which are in accord
about the reaction which the system of activity
and the system of a phenomenon expect.
The appearance.

diagram: 1526

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"Beginning before beginning. The beginning of consciousness."

Present condition:

Corresponding to the flow of the industry
understood by the time series,
people are going to make new productivity actual.

Found-out context:

Human exists so that it is responding
to everything and change.
Therefore, human exists so that things and changes
may be made into known from strangeness.

We try to realize change to be beginning.
We can recollect beginning by the text above
also before beginning.

When beginning before beginning can be recollected,
we can newly define the meaning of things and changes.


The energy:

We can interpret the process order of appearance
of depths consciousness and transcendental causes
(truth etc.) about energy.

The structure:

If a transcendental cause exists,
human's consciousness has branch of whether it is used.

About the beginning of consciousness similar
to the beginning of heaven and earth.
Or about things which is urged.

diagram: 1525

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