You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


About spatiotemporal capability for conformity to appear in natural generation power and advanced imaginative power.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]


Functional requirements for the social system
to be kept up are four, keeping of a pattern
like adaptation, goal attainment, integration,
and latency, and strain processing.
And these constitute the "act space"
it is considered that is fourth dimension space,
and the social action shows dominance
by either of the fourth dimensions with progress
of time.
Its maximum value is the characteristics of each phase,
and, moreover,
this phase changes one after another periodically.
This change is named phase movement.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[What has occurred?]

The time and space in which the conformity of
natural occurrence and the human activity appears exist.
Since human wants to gain the space-time, and acts,
the appearing form has personal form.
The personal form has similarity with social form.

The imaginative power comes to have causal relationship
with constitution force.
The potential of occurrence may appear
in the character nature of the domain of empty.

[What has not been solved?]

Although natural generation force advances
toward the future, human tends to ask the result
from the past to the present for a model.

From the standpoint that there is form also in resulting
from form to form, the model is also a fundamental pursuit.
However, the trial to the future appears in personal form.

The activity showing conformity
with natural generation force is effective.

Scheme: 1805

This article is related to the scheme 1804.
"In world where development of sign with work of
function advances."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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We realize shift of high dimension of world with nature of reaction of self.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]

élan vital (leap of life)

Bergson got to know that nature had a tendency
to an equilibrium situation,
and understood that the fountainhead of energy
dries up
when it reached the the equilibrium situation.
Energy is creativity before dissipating,
and élan becomes the creativity
which tends toward spirit toward the top,
and when the life loses élan toward the bottom,
the life will face to a substance.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[What has occurred?]

Although the mind and body
which are actual existence can realize something,
they are awake at the low dimension
about the true existence of the world.

If it has an illusion
that the world is fully described
by the innate dimension,
human may not easily notice that it is existence
of the high dimension in shift of the world.

The world is reproduced by the law.
A law is gotten with a presentiment by a world image.

[What has not been solved?]

Although a law is obtained by having a presentiment
by transcendental insight,
observing a law group does not mean transcendency.

Although regularity is searched for by trying
to get to know change in the world,
we should recognize that true self exists also
in a transcendental dimension.

Human can think of the whole possible dimension
not directly.
However, human can react to a high order cause.
The way that should be is shared.

Scheme: 1801

This article is related to the scheme 1800.
"Axis of coordinates of change to and practical
workability which arises in conformity of spirituality
and thinking."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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It is human beings' change to experience of dignity that is precedence of phase which is conformity with truth.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]


For example,
supposing lumber is matter of a house,
the idea about the house is a eidos of the house.

- The Britannica encyclopedia -

[What has occurred?]

The human being's imaginative power and
power of execution materialize occurrence.
Phase which matches with universality exists
in occurrence.

The world where a human being can be active
is expanded in phase.
an imperfect phenomenon accompanies in phase.

although the good and wrong accompany
on a human being's activity,
a true horizon arises in the background of activity.

The conformity of a human being and the phenomenon world
arises by the true horizon.

[What has not been solved?]

Science manifests the opportunity of expansion of
the human being's world.
The world expanded is making the premise
of the unknown domain.

The technique of the activity
which the human being precedes to an unknown domainis
seldom told.
Acquisition of a human being's character
is seldom performed about conformity
with the truth obtained by being active in the unknown.

just things that materialized the conformity
have advanced human beings' culture and civilization.

Change to experience of conformity with truth
is human beings' dignity.

Scheme: 1797

This article is related to the scheme 1796.
""Precedence of conformity" which is consciousness of
"human being's divinity." By developmental symbol in spirit."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Work which key stimulus on intersection of existence world and imaginative power leads to urge by freedom.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]

"Sign stimulus or key stimulus."

The stimulus used as the key
which causes fixed instinctive behaviour of an animal.

-Wikipedia in Japan-

[What has occurred?]

The human being recollects a high order cause.
Moreover, this high order cause becomes a motive
to a vision.
Furthermore, the human being manifests the reaction
which materializes the vision.

The key stimulus in an animal affects to preservation
of a seed.
The key stimulus in the human being points to occurrence
of the world.

Although the reaction to the key stimulus tends
to satisfy an urge which reconstructs the world,
there is no end in it.

[What has not been solved?]

Although the cross of work of the existence world
and the imaginative power is infinite and
it is a starting point which manifests itself
the meaning of a human existence,
control has applied to the motive to that.
It is because they would like to confirm self importance
with things familiar.

Although the cross of work of the existence world
and the imaginative power are practical freedom,
the human being has hesitation to the freedom.

A key stimulus is hardly reflected in feedback of
the progress which trial brings about.

Scheme: 1788

This article is related to the scheme 1787.
"That change of existence world and mind reacted
to great cause work as factor of progress of world."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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In present paradigm, human being's one-time nature is basis supporting structure of world.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]


1 The framework of the view and recognition of
a thing dominant in a certain time. Model.

- from Digital Daijisen -

[What has occurred?]

We can assume that access is possible to the elements
which are forming the world.
we can assume that the elements are being actualized.
We can assume that self one-time nature is an opportunity
of the progress in elements.

It is judged that the availability
which adopts these supposition is progress of the world
by activation of elements.
In that case,
we notice that the viewpoint
"progress of the world is in an urge
which is going to be found out" exists.

It is judged that the urge is the shared paradigm
by the Internet although it existed at any time of history.

[What has not been solved?]

As for the imaginative power which conceives of the vision
which may arise in the world,
something will be asked supposing it is a present-day paradigm
that a paradigm (framework which recognizes a time) is dynamic.

When the premise of the vision
to which the elements of the phenomenal world react is made,
it is understood that influencing of
personality nature and progress nature updates the paradigm.

In the present age
"when it is progressive although the principle is unknown",
awakening (finding out)
which updates "how someone recognize oneself" is judged
to be "clarification and acquisition in advance of progress."

In the present age,
a human being's one-time nature is understood to be a basis
supporting the structure of the world.
It means the acquisition of a self-concept
to which the elements of the world react.

Scheme: 1762

This article is related to the scheme 1726.
"Utilization of process of aspect by synchronization
to change itself."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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