You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Form of coincidence of phenomenon world and imaginative power, being able to be considered as process of innate occurrence.

[General view]


Phonation is one of the most general methods of
reappearance of the world,
and is a process which makes the imaginative power
correspond to the sign of change
in the phenomenon world.

The human being whose oneself is a phenomenon has
the method of harmonizing with the phenomenon world
as innateness.
It is also precedence nature.

Revelation of the imperfect nature in the world is
an opportunity of an inspiration
for the reason capability of the human being
who searches for completeness.

The imaginative power used to this opportunity can be
freely used until it is conformable
with the phenomenon world.

As an example,
a song is often the precedence to survival.
It is an antithesis to the stopped concept
that a specific form (here sound) can be used
until it results in coincidence of the phenomenon world
and the imaginative power.


(1) Figure of rhyme

Arranging first consonant horizontally,
arranging last vowel sound vertically,
made as a system for the Chinese syllable in diagram
by those combination,
it is explained that the gathered table.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

(2) Scheme 1803
"Image of updating of world which progress of
innate space-time acquires transcendent."

A acceptance state of intuition of occurrence.:( )
<- Application of the composition power to the world.:( )
Aspect of law-of-causality acquisition.:( )
-> Subjective validity in which the world is
reflected.:( )

Aspect of the self-supporting search
by space-time capability.:( )
<- Aspect of the occurrence law of causality.:( )
Aspect of updating of the world.:( )
-> Affirmation of an innate form of human.:( )

A field of view of the spirit in an active state.:( )
<- Updating of spontaneous to the world.:( )
Occurrence in space-time.:( )
-> Reflection in the world.:( )

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1804

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Axis of coordinates of change to and practical workability which arises in conformity of spirituality and thinking.

[General view]


The human being exists.
The human being's brain grasps the world structurally.
In physics, a mind as a phenomenon of a quantum level
is supposed.

We can suppose the tendency
which constitutes the world to things of
the phenomenon world.
In the tendency,
we can consider the case which is affirmative
in the world which a human being constitutes,
and the case which is negative.

If the tendency is simulated,
it may be judged how a human being may be enhanced.

"Suiting the world" is force.
We can acquire this force as a reason concept
of development.


(1) "Spirit"

It inhabits animals and plants and things other,
and goes that in and out,
or is the supernatural being that is supposed
as floating in the air.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

(2) Scheme 1799
"Synchronization of meaning and phenomenon by re-acquiring
human being's existence as starting point in phenomenon."

Symbol: Preceding space-time.
<- Function: Reaction of necessity.
Cultural property: The opinion of the meaning of sound.
-> Reflective judgment: Synchronicity of
a human being's formation force
and a formation force of the natural world.

Principle: Occurrence in a human being.
<- Trial: Element of semantic formation.
Change: Occurrence of the conformity of space-time.
-> Human ability: Progress of occurrence reacted to a meaning.

Existence: The human being's existence in a meaning.
<- Mercy: Formation of re-acquisition of being the human being.
Appearing: Responding each other of
a practice and a phenomenon in a sign.
-> Possible of object: An imaginative power in subjectivity
and the objectivity.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1800

The effect exists also in yourself.

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"Precedence of conformity" which is consciousness of "human being's divinity." By developmental symbol in spirit.

[General view]


Spontaneous "image" arises
in the human being's spirit.
An image appears in "symbolic embodiment."
Moreover, change of the phenomenal world
may respond to the embodiment.

The "change of the phenomenal world" may be confirmed
by embodiment of
unknown "truth of the phenomenal world."
The check is required as what shows
that the human being's actual existence is precedence
of conformity with the phenomenal world.

The "precedence of conformity" is one of those
which satisfies the human being's "desire because
of existing" as consciousness of
"the human being's divinity."

A human being may be enhanced in this way.


(1) "Aware (in Japanese word)"

Although the archaic word "Aware" of Japan was
an exclamation showing deep exclamation
which was originally filled with various feeling of
joy, anger, humor and pathos,
it left from concrete feeling gradually,
also began to show the complicated emotion to
nature or life,
and was increased to the even more nearly mental idea.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

(2) Scheme 1794
"Utilization of practical workability
which can supplement principle about symbol
which expands and develops opportunity of survival."

Symbol: Miracle.
<- Function: To constitute unknown with using a symbol.
Cultural property: Formal language.
-> Reflective judgment: Conformity of a human existence
and the phenomenon world.

Principle: The supplement of realization of a principle.
<- Trial: Symbolization of the reaction of
the phenomenal world.
Change: Necessity and contingency of a symbol.
-> Human ability: Precedence acquisition of change.

Existence: Keeping of survival.
<- Mercy: Given of natural occurrence.
Appearing: Changeability of practice.
-> Possible of object: The self-existence using a symbol,
and conformity of a phenomenon.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1796

The effect exists also in yourself.

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That change of existence world and mind reacted to great cause work as factor of progress of world.

[General view]


Change of the existence world and the imaginative power
may be conformable.
It can be considered that this conformity is a factor
of the achievement counted backward from time.

The mind may manifest "an inverse operation from time"
with work.
Change of the existence world may affirm work
of the mind with achievement.

The change in the future of the existence world is unknown
for the human being.
The mind may be the right selection although it is unknown.
It is "a phenomenon of blessing."

These explanation is difficult.
However, the phenomenon and practice are simple.
It is the reality "pure expectation and belief
may be a process of real development."

It is explained that it can become real in the future
that the human being believed with the mind of a pure state.
"A pure state" means a honest thing for
"the reaction of the mind to a great intention."

The future which change of the existence world and
the mind believed may be conformable.
History has affirmed sequence of the progress.

The human being may trust the self mind
which harmonizes with self-existence.
A human being may be enhanced in this way.


(1) "Essai sur les données immédiates de la conscience."

He maintained
that it was the undisguised mental phenomenon,
i.e. a qualitative existence
which makes directly given of consciousness,
be pure continuation of given,
and maintained that it was caught by only intuition,
and furthermore,
he mentioned the free act which is total expression
of the concrete self which exists there.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

(2) Scheme 1780
"To use synchronization. Of infinite and of finite.
One-time nature and world affirmation."

Symbol: Arise.
<- Function: Affirmation of the existence world.
Cultural property: Game.
-> Reflective judgment: Affirmation of
the potential domain of existence.

Principle: Synchronization.
<- Trial: The same quality of one-time nature and
pluralistic nature.
Change: Free change.
-> Human ability: Intuition of a factor.

Existence: Intersection of finite and infinite.
<- Mercy: The same quality of one-time nature and
the existence world.
Appearing: Comings and goings.
-> Possible of object: Spontaneousness of existence.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1787

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Utilization of process of aspect by synchronization to change itself.

[General view]


The world is updated for every moment.
Even when the figure of things that exist really
is the same, the role changes.

A human being specifies a form and a name to things
to which a role changes.
A form and a name are not in the change itself.

We synchronize self behavior with change
without a form and a name.
The aspect in the world by change arises.

For those who get to know, the process from the past aspect
to the future aspect is force,
and hardship for an person of unknown.

Control in the world for a human being is done
by the synchronization of self and the change itself.

Fixation of a form and a name leads a human being to stray
by change.

Like this, a human being may be enhanced.


(1) "Kegan (Provisional view)"

Although it explains in Buddhism that it is empty
as it that there cannot be no substance
in all existence and phenomena,
but from a common relative position,
they are regarded in the affirmative as what existing.
It says the meditating method with which we catch it
in the affirmative.

-from Britannica encyclopedia.-

(2) Scheme 1717

"Manifestation of new force which we are not conscious of.
Existence newly allowed."

Symbol: An appearance ratio and a whole balance.
<- Function: Acquisition and use of the structure
of an effect in the world, not with bound by consciousness.
Cultural property: Perception of causality.
-> Reflective judgment: Influencing of the effect for each things.
The system.

Principle: Emergence of an effect domain.
<- Trial: Acquisition and use of the interaction of each things,
not with bound by consciousness.
Change: Selection of a system in the existence world.
-> Human ability: We react to emergence of a cause.

Existence: Nature of the universe.
<- Mercy: Acquisition and use of a system of possibility
of self-existence, not with bound by consciousness.
Appearing: Free activation of the system which can exist.
-> Possible of object: Awakening to indirect change.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1726

The effect exists also in yourself.

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