You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


"The complement group which correlates with the world implies a principle."

[Inner system]

The present check:
People ask for the completed world model.
In order to find out the method of living
more advantageously.

The found-out concept:
Things that people produced are limited
and effective.
The world shows reaction to things limited
and effective.
The context in the world is found out
by this reaction.

[Outer system]

The present check:
People try to show an effect.

The found-out concept:
The method of complementing a certain effect
correlates with existence of the world.
Although an effect has the nature
which increases innumerably,
the method groups have correlation to complement,
and they imply a principle.



In the industrial world,
a complement shows human's depths with the meaning
of harmonizing with the world,
and does not adapt itself to a collapse in it.
On the other hand,
since a complement is not an act to a direct effect,
it is hard to show direct profits.
It is suitable for those who know an indirect process.

diagram: 1518

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"In technology, deity, and the time and space and sign."

[Inner system]

The present check:
People ask for an innovation.
The innovation is imagined on own extension.

The found-out concept:
The theme is that a life advances advantageously
toward the future for people.
It is a precondition of an innovation
that people's lives improve.
The change in new technology should be change of
practical use of the life which improved.

[The text to an outer system]

When pulsation of people's lives is inherent
in the technology of expecting an innovation,
the technology itself also uses a simple thing for it,
and deity is felt for it.
Since technology carries a life as a symbol,
it holds expectations beyond a function
for the technology.

[Outer system]

The present check:
People may be dependent on something
about their raison d'etre.
Even if it considers raison d'etre,
succession may not work.

The found-out concept:
There are those who do training
which can consider that self is the origin of
raison d'etre.
The person values knowing how many people's soul
will be reflected in the technique which I use
in order to live.

[The text to an inner system]

It is rich that self is thought to be wonderful
in something.
On the other hand, if something is thought to be wonderful
also from many people,
the standard of time, space, and a sign will be shared
and a miracle will be prepared.



The standard of time, space, and a sign may be shared
for new beginning.
A life can be realized to advance in time, space, and a sign.
When reflected in time, space, and a sign,
the life which knows the origin spreads as deity.

diagram: 1512

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"New opportunity which can be alive, and life with high degree of activity."

[Inner system]

The present confirmation:
Spirit is an opportunity of new activity.
The spirit can extend the opportunity
in the world spontaneously.

The found-out conception:
The opportunity extended by spirit can be alive
by persons.
The new opportunity which can be alive
can reveal potential work of the world.
A new opportunity can extend the world
which can be active by people's share.

[The text to an outer system]

The thinking for living is the field where itself
can be alive.
The thinking achieved in order to live truly
is in tension of survival.
In tension of survival, the potential world is revealed
verbally etc.

[Outer system]

The present confirmation:
The world can be efficiently alive by human's system.
On the other hand, unless it is updated,
there is a limit of itself in a system.

The found-out conception:
The life with a high degree of activity reacts
to the starting point which the potential world appears.
A new consequence will also be ratiocinated
if being new beginning is found out.
The life with a high degree of activity can be made into
the field which can share a new starting point.

[The text to an inner system]

The brain can react to a possible phenomenon beforehand.
It is influenced by how a conception can be alive
whether it is a phenomenon in which it is possible.
The reality of new thinking is influenced by the degree of
the devotion in a life.



The system whose beginning and consequence correspond
with natural logic functions.
Beginning and a consequence may be found out
by the imaginative power.
If its life is turned to realization and used more,
the border of a conception and a phenomenon will become

diagram: 1511

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"Human's creation, and conformity of a source with nature."

[Inner system]

Conformity of source of nature and self.

If nature is observed as the one life body,
it will be imagined about the existence person
who transcend time and space and survive.
The key to the existence person exists also in self.

[The text to an outer system]

Change may be felt for an obstruction
when a person is going to realize the purpose.
When a natural purpose exists in human,
what persons created may bring about an illusion.

[Outer system]

There is a source in various work.

It is very difficult to observe work of the basis
of all creation directly.
On the other hand, when what leads an illusion to self
becomes clear and it is negated,
the stillness of self inside becomes a key to work
of the basis.

[The text to an inner system]

Nature transcends human's behavior and is done.
On the other hand, human itself exists as a natural part.
That whose number is originally one is felt for two things.



There is a source in persons or natural work.
Conformity of both source will understand the work simply.
One of the methods of finding out a source is removing
the obstruction (noise) felt when doing the activity.
The structure which does not feel an obstruction (noise) is
close to change (context) which sets nature and a source
to one about activity.

diagram: 1510

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"The difference of the field of consciousness and the field of change is utilized."

[Inner system]

Get to know that self is in a flow.

Persons exist really in both universality and particularity.
The tendency of consciousness relates self and the world
by a desire.

[The text to an outer system]

It is supposed that there is origin work in which all creation
is made to exist.
Self is also one of the things that arose by origin work.
On the other hand, human's consciousness can harmonize
with origin work.

[Outer system]

Leave self and harmonize with a flow.

Open the consciousness which does not have correction
in change of all creation.
Change of all creation is a figure in which the origin
of all creation arose.

[The text to an inner system]

The difference by two, the world image of the consciousness
which widens by human's desire,
and the world image which widens by change of all creation
and in which consciousness is possible,
is used for a question for self.



There are things that want to be active,
and things that can be active.
They vary with each persons.
However, it is common to many people that the difference
has occurred in the field of consciousness
and the field of change.
If the difference of the two fields is smaller,
it can be judged that it is positive more free.

diagram: 1509

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