You are
a reaction system to principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


I explain briefly that "Sign", "Water", and "Result" have been in Japan, China, and the West.

The following is explanation in arts of work.

There are various sides in arts of work.
If healthy, one of the explanation about the nature
which every person has native for is it
that the process in which an inner view is verified
to things external while developing the inner world
by external training.

"Sign" ("Kizasi" and "Tyo" in Japanese)
is characteristic of arts of work of Japan.
Things that were variously connected in mentality
by the capability of nature of purpose
which human originally has are expanded in foreknowledge,
or are reduced experientially.
It is felt by the during this course,
when a certain "Mark" corresponding to the expansion
and reduction is found out in the phenomenon world.

"Water" ("Mizu" and "Sui" in Japanese)

is characteristic of Chinese arts of work.
There is a relation in things of the world found out
in nature of purpose or harmony made up mutually.
Moreover, the use beyond people's sense of values
which is not considered may be made.
It points to
the "controling and setting up of activity" method
which leaves strength and predominance
and values a small device and a new trial from them.

"Result" ("Hatasu" and "Ka" in Japanese)
is characteristic of Western arts of work.
it defines without a premise what should be attained
and this person's own possibility is believed
unconditionally by oneself.
And it piles up finding out the grounds attained,
not fearing the criticism from anybody,
but up to achievement
"fearing only the voice from the one's inside"*,
the person keeps activity.

*It's from Shakespeare.

These concepts tell the mental attitude
which has already existed,
or the activity method hundreds of years of before,
and since many books exist,
anyone can use the three concepts.

But the brief mode of expression
of "Sign Water Result (Tyo Sui Ka)"
is my unique idea.

I think if these concepts become a watchword
with people who walk with me.

(C)Copyright 2012 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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I find mantras to be an efveitcfe entry into deep meditation when my mind is scattered. I have had concrete results after chanting mantras to Ganesha for 40 days. While performing a mantra for Lakshmi I felt her spirit move through me by the 30th day. I am thinking of starting another for her soon.
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