You are
a reaction system to principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


The urge in empty and the realization in reality are the person's glories.

An important thing may be lost in life.
It can be understood that something was lost
because the person notices since something existed there.

For example,
those who do not consider love cannot notice
that love was lost.

A person may try to reproduce or realize
what is replaced the lost thing with a new thing.

When the person notices that reality and nothing exist.

When it is going to replace the large opened hole
with new beginning,
"the urge to a reason" is born to the heart.
As potential thinking power.
And if it thinks and a trial is continued by actual activity,
"the reality from a reason" will be realized
(responding to the urge to a reason).

The urge in empty and the realization in reality
are the person's glories.
It is different from capability, sex, or wealth.

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Posted by gbxVvilp at 2013年10月02日 03:44
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