You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


A big symbol and a small symbol.

I would like to verify whether I can realize "a big symbol"
to the first scheme method.
It can be understood by the second scheme method easily.

When I liken,
the big symbol is a magnifying glass and the small symbol
is a focus of light.
I explain that the big symbol can catch a context
(as touched with the picture-book etc. at our childhood)
till now.
I consider that a small symbol is reflection
of mathematical or logical procedure.

Since the first scheme method responds to big symbols,
such as the positive and negative and five elements,
from the first,
I think that the subject now is "settlement of procedure."

In the reverse relation, I judge that it is good.
For example, (although it is a huge existence in mathematics),
we can use the small symbol of + - * / for connection of a big symbol.
It becomes effective in seven of experience, those are viewpoint,
foreseeing, awakening, precedence, occurrence,
development, and flux.
It is such from the first.

Although it is generally said, and may be a view different
from the specialist.
It is supposed that connection of the cranial nerves
which progressed in logic etc. in the consciousness condition
connects with the existing cranial nerves during sleep
of the unconscious state,
and when the person awakes, brings about a new way of thinking.
About my considerations,
as it affirms the summary for 20 years after the first scheme method
has been born, description of verification of the Glass Bead Game
which began from two mathematical books is converging.
Since new progress does not deny the existing achievement,
"Progress was expansion" is judged.

It consistents with the phenomenon world
about "a static flow and a dynamic flow",
and "a big symbol and a small symbol."

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