You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


The dimension to change. An intention and the phenomenon world.

According to the dictionary,
the antonym of flesh is the spirit.
(Reference: Weblio)

Although quantity is an a posteriori concept, in a dimension,
it acquires objective necessity.
The number is a priori.

Although those who practice a martial art
can think easy to understand, when the relation
between intuition and the body is grasped as a dimension,
it will be easier to understand the nature of change.

The time is changing.

The public telephone is being abolished.
the optical line of NTT comes to increase the role still more.

It was Mori Cabinet which connected Japan with the optical line.
From April 5, 2000 to April 26, 2001.
At the information on the Internet,
the approval rating at the dissolution time is 7%.

Android of Google is used for P-01J of docomo for OS,
and the body is like a form of the feature phone.
I think that capability is the same as a smart phone.
Seemingly, communication among models is possible
if it is a tablet of the same Android.
Besides, seemingly, Wi-Fi can be used.
I like this.

That photograph is P-01F which I am using now.

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