You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


The rhythm of a perfect language.

1 spirit 4 soul of Japan is not the same
as the Chinese positive and negative, and five elements.
However, there are the points of comparison.

The positive and negatives and five elements.
Five elements are wood, fire, soil, metal, and water.

One week is Monday (moon), Tuesday (fire), Wednesday (water),
Thursday (wood), Friday (metal), Saturday (soil), and Sunday (Sun).
The moon is negative.
The sun is positive.
And fire, water, wood, metal, and soil.

The yin and yang (negative and positive) and five elements
is one of the perfect languages.
Each day of the week is a rhythm of a perfect language.

I think that it is a Japanese strong point
that coincidence of prescience and information
may be observed also in an individual.

When I observe Prince Shotoku to social heredity,
who got out from Chinese Imperial rank-awarding letter organization
1400 years ago,
and he enacted Kan'ijunikai and Seventeen-Article Constitution
in the time is remembered.

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The dimension to change. An intention and the phenomenon world.

According to the dictionary,
the antonym of flesh is the spirit.
(Reference: Weblio)

Although quantity is an a posteriori concept, in a dimension,
it acquires objective necessity.
The number is a priori.

Although those who practice a martial art
can think easy to understand, when the relation
between intuition and the body is grasped as a dimension,
it will be easier to understand the nature of change.

The time is changing.

The public telephone is being abolished.
the optical line of NTT comes to increase the role still more.

It was Mori Cabinet which connected Japan with the optical line.
From April 5, 2000 to April 26, 2001.
At the information on the Internet,
the approval rating at the dissolution time is 7%.

Android of Google is used for P-01J of docomo for OS,
and the body is like a form of the feature phone.
I think that capability is the same as a smart phone.
Seemingly, communication among models is possible
if it is a tablet of the same Android.
Besides, seemingly, Wi-Fi can be used.
I like this.

That photograph is P-01F which I am using now.

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Static flow and dynamic flow. When number has universality.

The long context of a time scale is "a static flow",
and an activity basing on a life is "a dynamic flow."
I consider how to obtain "an effective change"
from this difference.

Universality exists in a number.

The subject on B.C. January 1, 4713
which is the beginning of the Julian calendar has come out
as a shared method of a theme for the explanation for "Tuesday"
for Gauss's congruence also with the book of the mathematics
purchased at an ordinary bookstore which I am reading now.
Reference : "FROM ZERO TO INFINITY" by Constance Reid

This is one of the methods "which manifests a number in a table."
That is, it is one of the examples
of "a distribution of a number is mathematical objects."
I wrote "I manifest" because "the technique (+-*/)" was possible.
Besides, Gauss newly created the symbol for it.

Distribution of a number exists about a time scale.
Because, existence of mathematics is not denied.

at least one technique to "the effective change" of this theme
It is a number.

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A reason concept of the heavenly body. From a tool to a tool.

I read the word the "present (in Japanese: 現在)"
as "including a technology for existing in the phenomenal world."
I feel no problem now.

People of the Jomon period manifested
the pattern with the rope (tool) to earthenware (tool).
Like the present, they also have night
and stars were shining at night.
Although I regard associating them as the tendency of my curiosity,
there were other people who get interested in this.

I will have a meal. I do not ask whether tableware is earthenware.

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The first scheme method, the second scheme method, the third scheme method.

The influence calculated is very vast,
when the consideration to Nietzsche and Soseki Natsume is affirmed,
and also when applying game theory to the second scheme method
is affirmed.
the first scheme method is basic training method still now.

Consideration to Nietzsche.

Consideration to Soseki Natume.

From now on,
I will support the second scheme method by the third scheme method.
Some reaction is observed also my social life at present.
This cannot deny assuming that it is the same
as that also of people who know the second scheme method.
Since it comes out, as for the third scheme method, I keep secret.

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