You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


It is hard to consider model used without taking nature into consideration. Setting up unreservedly.

February 28.
Tokyo stock rebounding.
It is the level recovery of 19,200 yen in more than 150 yen higher
at the beginning.
NY Dow 12 continuous rise is good influence.
- Sankei news -

The total amount of the stock of Tokyo Stock Exchange
is about 576 trillion yen
(current price: First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
- Nikkei newspaper -

When money moves, information is always flowing.
And the information on money cannot generally surface easily.

When the chart of Yahoo! finance is seen,
although NY Dow was about 20,000 dollars,
it leaped up from about February 6, and is 20,837 dollars now.
I remember the general-oriented information
acquired on and after February 6.

To the trying by President Trump's existence itself,
it seems that American (probably the world) investors are setting up.
About the composition force of capital,
the beginning of change was less than 20 days from assumption of office.
In the meantime, probably, they obtained the "probability" to each.

I think that it is "setting up unreservedly if it moves."

Although a dynamic model and a static model can be assumed
and it is effective as "the way of arrangement to thinking by human",
it is hard to consider the model used without taking nature
into consideration.

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Synergistic effect for which system is obtained to subjectivity (activity) aiming at motive.

In the present,
I imagine how a new change which specifically began to be seen
by the Japan-U.S. summit meeting may be manifested
to each subjectivity (activity).

Every subjectivity (activity),
the gains of development aim at the satisfaction of a motive
which appears in a community.
I think that it is because what kind of system of creativity
multiplies the activity.

I think that each subjectivity (activity)
may have a synergistic effect.
On the other hand, though regrettable,
negative force can work to any possibilities.

(C) Copyright 2017 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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Media as mobile index of development observed.

Because the world continues changing,
I think that correspondence of the activity persons to change
appears in information.
Then, it was felt that the information on the media
which have influence on the big group was also an object observed
from the others as mobility of the community
to which the media belong.
It is whether more than people in the country choose media,
the world is observing media.
The present age is the Internet age.

For example, when some media are critical to President Trump,
the world is thought
that it begins to get to know the political viewpoint of the media
by the Internet.
And it is one of the indices
which can become evaluation of the composition force
by the information on media
how these criticism and the stock price interlock.

Although the New-York-Dow stock price average of the end of 2016
was compared with the New-York-Dow stock price average
of real time,
it is almost changeless.
If remaining power is obtained,
I would like to inspect on the Internet the evaluation
to the information on the media
which were criticism to President Trump.
Evaluation may be reflected in each company (sponsor for media).

Generally the media for inside the country of each country
may not verify details from foreign people.
However, when the motion appears strongly,
"because of a social trend (it is the object of observation
by audience rating)",
the outline is told to foreign countries.
And the "outline" is compared with "the judgment form built
on the Internet."

Progress of the relation of the Japan, U.S., England and Russia
impressed at this time,
"the possibility in the world was re-acquired" is felt
with regards to EU which becomes one corner of cubic composition
(or square composition).
Since Japan and the U.S. are building the relation
positively especially,
mass media of Japan is also the object of observation,
and has an impression become to index.

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