You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


[Glass Bead Game] Sign of progress similar to life. Potential activity which is lighted for reaction to reason concept.


I gain an instance about the following article.
"[Glass Bead Game] Conformity of multiplication of
reactive various-factors and spirituality."

[General view]




[Practical use of cultural property]

Symbolic anthropology

One field of anthropology which regards culture
as a system of a meaning and transfer,
and which analyzes the language activities and symbolic thinking
which make human exist as human.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Sign.
<- Function: Factor of occurrence.
Cultural property: Symbolic anthropology.
-> Reflexive judgment: A system reacted to the reason concept
of freedom.

Principle: Life change.
<- Trial: Reflection of a potential system.
Change: Concord of life force and an occurrence effect.
-> Human ability: Activity which is progress of a reason concept.

Existence: Human nature in universality.
<- Mercy: Progressive link.
Appearing: Reflexive judgment to forms.
-> Possible of object: Awareness to potential nature.

* The first scheme method.


[Acquisition of transcendence by difference]

Things that a human being with the nature to react
to the cause of a higher rank unconsciously achieves
have caused the nature of progress of a reason concept

Since things potential exist as an object of experience,
the system which human can manifest
resembles an impetus of the life.

From these,
human's spiritualism can return things various
to the factor of occurrence.
As the pendulum which reached one height reverses the vector,
it is the activity of the factor of occurrence
that progress of things expands links.

The system of the fixed form in everything changing
seems to decline apparently.
However, even if it is a decline,
it is emerging the links to occurrence.

Human can manifest the style of the description or manifestation.
Because the sign of progress resembles the life.

Scheme: 1914

Does the effect activate the potential domain?

What is causality?

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[Glass Bead Game] Conformity of multiplication of reactive various-factors and spirituality.

[General view 1]




[Present grasp by first scheme method being changed slightly]

Symbol: Spirituality.
<- Function: A meaning changes to an effect.
Reality: A beginning of a decline.
-> Reflexive judgment: Occurrence of form.

Principle: A reaction to occurrence.
<- Trial: Transcription to natural spirit.
Change: Appeal to causality.
-> Human ability: Inner system.

Existence: Composition force.
<- Mercy: Capability of trial.
Appearing: A reaction to a purpose.
-> Possible of object: Activity of shift.

* The first scheme method.


[The characteristic]

Rationalization manifests the tendency
to restrict the development in the time of practical workability.
Judgment that manual practice is a reasonable way of life
is the instance.

Because of regularity, volume efficiency is easy to be copied.
On the other hand, the nature of the reaction to innate occurrence
in human becomes effective relatively.

Persuasive power of regularity makes spontaneousness miss easily,
and reality makes a spontaneous person a minority group.

[General view 2]




[Practical use of cultural property]

Reinforcement theory

Theory of the psychology of not being realized
if study is not strengthened by the unconditioned stimulus.
That is, the opinion that only the reaction which brings
about satisfaction makes the amount of reactions increase,
and increases reaction occurrence probability.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: An urge to a cause of a higher rank which is seen
by the myth.
<- Function: Factor of generating of form.
Cultural property: Reinforcement theory.
-> Reflexive judgment: An urge which considers that the source
of occurrence and self is the same.

Principle: The starting point of change.
<- Trial: Awakening by the reaction to generation force.
Change: The motive of the initiative nature to the forms
by the spontaneous reaction.
-> Human ability: Spontaneousness to the change before generating.

Existence: The phenomenon world should be
the reactive various-factors's multiplication.
<- Mercy: Diversity of evolution reacted to a symbol.
Appearing: Resonance of the life and nature.
-> Possible of object: Feelings of life force by the reaction
in the phenomenon world.

[Acquisition of transcendence by difference]

The rational system decreases the effect by the effect of time
to the phenomenon world
which is the reactive various-factors's multiplication.

Besides, since law nature is easy to be copied,
the rational system is easy to decrease initiative nature.
The tendency is seen by low price competition in economy.

On the other hand, human is a living thing of spirituality.
Conformity exists in that it is a living thing of spirituality,
and the phenomenon world
being the reactive various-factors's multiplication.

The practice explains the initiative nature and diversity
of the life at the same time.
The practice method is the spontaneousness to the forms
to multiply.

Scheme: 1914

Does the effect activate the potential domain?

What is causality?

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To use the difference as a reaction to the occurrence itself efficiently.

A previous state and a next state
are recognized to be differences,
and the difference can be responded
with a reaction.

The reaction to the difference is also affirmation
to the phenomenon world itself,
and can include various intentions without regulation.

Coincidence of the occurrence itself and self-existence
is activity without the regulation to the form of various phenomena.




Reference: Lao-tzu, chapter 53.

Scheme: 1913

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The difference as a sign which can be used. The space-time.

A difference arises to things
that human who is a small cosmos manifests,
and things that the phenomenon world
which is the great cosmos manifests.

If awake for how the small cosmos has reacted
to the great cosmos,
human will obtain the space-time of the difference.

The space-time is a sign about the various-factors,
and activates the meaning of an effect to people.




Reference: Lao-tzu, chapter 52.

Scheme: 1912

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Acquisition of the causality which is a comparative advantage.

When globalization and informatization progressed,
productive capacity came to be omnipresent and
it became difficult to use effective causality.

Human cannot act in the state
in which causal relationship cannot be grasped.

In other words,
it becomes the conditions of the comparative advantage
in the present age
to have gained effective causality.

I was able to gain one of the effective techniques
about the comparative advantage today.

It is very pleasant.


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