You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Recent state.

Still, condition is not enough.
At the same time, I aim at recovery of social activity.

Then, I am doing application of the second scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game to the existing wisdom,
such as Lao-tzu, and practice of the third scheme method secretly.

It is for making the effect be maximum,
making time that I can work minimum.

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Flow. Energy and information.

The phenomenon world exists as a process of change.

When the state before change and the state after change
have a difference,
known or unknown energy and information exist.

With the process of "before", "after" and "next",
change progresses.
Therefore, the flow is realized in change.

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[Glass Bead Game] Causality which can be expected. The way which utilizes consciousness advanced.


I gain an instance about the following article.
"Characteristic of factor of change.
Evolution with which acquisition of capability is responding
to development."

[General view]




[Practical use of cultural property]

analogia entis

Analogy of existence.
Although all the things existing are common
to the point of existing,
but it is that the ways that should be essentially differ,
(It is based on Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and others)
required the difference in completeness
for the foundation of analogy nature.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Flow.
<- Function: Particular of the truth which affirms
the phenomenon world.
Cultural property: analogia entis.
-> Reflexive judgment: Reactive composition force
which human beings may manifest.

Principle: Natural motion and human's motion.
<- Trial: Occurrence.
Change: The effect of the existence itself.
-> Human ability: The way of consciousness to emergence.

Existence: Reaction.
<- Mercy: Human existence as a reaction system.
Appearing: Reflective judgment about a principle.
-> Possible of object: Affirmation and the paean of the life.

* The first scheme method.


[Acquisition of transcendence by difference]

In order to consider that the foreseeing conformity
to generation and trial is the nature of a principle,
the reactive composition force of the human being
to the phenomenon world is useful.

Although with peculiar of the truth
which affirms the phenomenon world,
human can confirm the credibility to a principle,
it emerges in the flow by natural motion and human's motion.

realization of the way which utilizes consciousness advanced
is assumed as causality of the level which can be expected.

Scheme: 1894

Does the effect activate the potential domain?

What is causality?

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[GBG] Characteristic of factor of change. Evolution with which acquisition of capability is responding to development.

[General view 1]




[Present grasp by first scheme method being changed slightly]

Symbol: Flow.
<- Function: Manifestation of things to be complemented.
Reality: Consistency of foreseeing and cause and effect.
-> Reflexive judgment: Conformity of self and natural generation force.

Principle: Synchronization.
<- Trial: Reaction in a potential domain.
Change: The sign to be recollected.
-> Human ability: The advanced manifestation of Yin and Yang.

Existence: Energy.
<- Mercy: Composition force to a generating force.
Appearing: Regularity of the cause and effect which arise in spirit.
-> Possible of object: The reaction to nature of law
which is known and unknown.

* The first scheme method.


[The characteristic]

Even if change is strange,
since it may exist in the nature, it exists.

The energy to things that form balance has reacted to things
that can exist in the nature.

Natural generation force and human's composition force
become complementation in many cases.

[General view 2]




[Practical use of cultural property]

idea of progress.

It is the belief that human beings and the history
which human form are progressing in constant
to a higher and more perfect state.
It gives the special feature to the civil society and spirit
of modern Europe.
This idea showed the sign of decline
by the appearance of social evolution theory
or end-of-the-century thought.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Acquisition of capability.
<- Function: Factor of change.
Cultural property: The concept of progress.
-> Reflexive judgment: Human's generation force reflected
to the phenomenon world.

Principle: The interaction of nature and human beings.
<- Trial: As the simile, the fulcrum and the power point
and the point of action of leverage.
Change: An urge of the phenomenon world.
-> Human ability: Awakening (finding out).

Existence: As the simile, they are the effect and reaction.
<- Mercy: Foreseeing generation force.
Appearing: Mind and body which are the manifestation of energy.
-> Possible of object: Change and composition.

[Acquisition of transcendence by difference]

Change may be seen as chaos.
However, there is no change which exists without energy.
Besides, there is no existence which denies a composition.

Chaos is a sign of that there is an unused potential domain.
The usage of a potential domain are the composition force
about generation force.
Existence has support of force and makes possible the factor
which presses change.

The possibility of change in the phenomenon world
shows a strange domain which can be used.
The factor of change shows the possibility of expansion
of human's capability.
The synchronization and balance are the characteristics
of the progress to a development domain.

Scheme: 1894

Does the effect activate the potential domain?

What is causality?

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Factor of generation is valid. To continuous evolution.

I made the hypothesis about the factor of the generation
which causes the flow,
and also observed the characteristic of change.

The factor of generation is valid.

I consider the way of use of the twitter anew.
The concept of "share" is one of the keywords in the present world.

However, causing 0 to 1 and 1 to 2 differs.

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