You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


[Glass Bead Game] Nature of complement as transcendence, or capability of balance of nature.

[General view]


[Cultural property]


It means
the whole of our experience or our mental phenomenon
in the broad sense.
Consciousness is not only a gathering to an idea,
but is one flow, and a clear focus and a peripheral zone
which is not clear are differentiated by the state.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Flower.
<- Function: Complementary composition force to existence.
Cultural property: Consciousness.
-> Reflexive judgment: A special manifestation of
the existence itself.

Principle: Nature of self complementary of the world.
<- Trial: The dynamic property of activity opens consciousness
to existence.
Change: Reflection of the origin.
-> Human ability: Distinctiveness and universality in awakening.

Existence: Generating of change.
<- Mercy: Awakening by things natural.
Appearing: Difference.
-> Possible of object: Self-existence has the same origin
as the existence itself.

* The first scheme method.


[Nature of effect being manifested]

Although a spatial and time difference arises in nature,
the difference is complemented with work beyond human.

Human also produces the difference as progress.
On the other hand,
things that complement it are seldom conscious.

Human feels transcendence for coincidence of self and the world.
On the other hand,
the transcendence appears easily in a domain potential
for consciousness.

Human is easily caught by restrictive superiority.
Although human is the existence person
who makes the nature the origin.

With this scheme,
I have treated continuation of the scheme
in the following article.
"[Glass Bead Game] Self-existence as reaction system
manifests guiding by phenomenon world."

Scheme: 1856

Do you feel a beginning of an effect in you?

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[Art of Effect] Form of omnipresent awakening. Origination which exists in people.

[General view.]





The form of thinking manifesting an effect
does not become a phenomenon only by a law.

It realizes itself also when the interaction of the origination
which exists in each person activates origination of change.

The network of various living things is a life in a big meaning.
People's network is awakening in a big meaning.

Awakening progresses
not only in an individual.
The form of the awakening precedes
with the phenomenon potentially.


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Secret technique. People who manifest coexistence and co-prosperity by spontaneousness.

In order to increase survival possibility,
we expand the domain of survival in the phenomenon world
in creativity.

There are people who show the possibility of
coexistence and co-prosperity with spontaneousness
about the survival domain to expand,
and people who try the initiative by aggressiveness.

I further materialize the relation
between creativity and the phenomenon world.

It changes to awareness of human's possibility
which living leads that the days
to which I develop technique in order to live.
It changed to the days which increase dearness to living.

My makings motivated by great-grandparents until 4 years old
made me aim at realization of the Glass Bead Game at 22 years old.
In process of the challenge, the necessity of living
induced another technique.

I would like to advance subsistence
and coexistence and co-prosperity.

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[Glass Bead Game] Self-existence as reaction system manifests guiding by phenomenon world.

[General view]


[Cultural property]

für sich

It means that is an awareness to self.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Spirituality.
<- Function: Exploration for possibility.
Cultural property: für sich.
-> Reflexive judgment: Responding to guiding.

Principle: Precedence nature of the reaction system.
<- Trial: Reflection of precedence nature.
Change: Things guiding.
-> Human ability: The bird's-eye view of change.

Existence: Potential domain.
<- Mercy: Conformity of an internal and external model.
Appearing: Connecting.
-> Possible of object: Self-existence as a reaction system.

* The first scheme method.


[Nature of symbol manifesting itself]

Practice possibility manifests
self internal and external conformity.
In other words, the self as a reaction system is rediscovered
in the phenomenon world in a certain conformity.

The possibility of the act is not restrained by the body.
It appears in the practical workability
which utilize law nature and objectivity (tool etc.).
Therefore, causal relationship appears also
in consciousness or thinking.

About causal relationship,
the phenomenon world has differentiated neither the act
nor the law nor the tool.
Differentiating is based on human.

Therefore, the self-existence as the reaction system
is the precedence nature of investigation of possibility.
The phenomenon world is the guiding
which returns a certain reaction to the exploration.

Scheme: 1853

Do you feel the symbol in you?

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Factor of not fixed generating which arose in spirit. Activation by Glass Bead Game.

The productive capacity for basic desire is acquired
among many countries.
The wisdom in the world is gained by many people
by the Internet.


The not fixed factor to change has arisen
in people's spirit.
People are requiring for the activation
by which the not fixed factor is reflected
to the phenomenon world.

The Glass Bead Game.

The method has already existed.
It should be developed as expansion of
the present spontaneous person's activity.

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