You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


[Art of Effect] The origin of the motive to transcendence.

[General view.]





Human is a phenomenon
with consciousness or thinking power.
By an actual existence, the phenomenon world
can manifest consciousness or thinking power.

The consciousness or thinking power can reproduce
the phenomenon world.
it has reacted to an urge to expansion of the reproducibility.

Things that can exist in the phenomenon world or the universe
have been the objects of the urge of realization by human.

Or the urge occurs by the consciousness or thinking power
which the phenomenon world makes it possible.


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As if there is divinity which leads reason.

By having experienced recently,
I wrote one short post.

I did not uncover the experience
but chose other efficient use.

It was very meaningful awakening
in force of Japan.

It seems that there is divinity
which leads reason.

It is completely amazing.
I live in the great country.

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[Glass Bead Game] Subconscious reacted to occurrence of world. Soul which acquires force of time.

[General view]


[Cultural property]

Phoneme law

The regularity
which each phoneme corresponds regularly mutually
between different two or more languages (or dialects),
or between the same language's (or the same dialect's)
two or more synchronies
which are different for the times.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Light of sound.
<- Function: Symbol to subconscious.
Cultural property: Phoneme law.
-> Reflexive judgment: The reaction of the subconscious
to the law of causality of experience formation.

Principle: The leading soul.
<- Trial: Constituting the state before experience.
Change: Nature of the symbol for sharing experience.
-> Human ability: Force of the time.

Existence: Nature of the rehearsal in thinking.
<- Mercy: Arrangement of the symbols.
Appearing: Reproducibility for the world.
-> Possible of object: The condition group of
experience formation.

* The first scheme method.


[Nature of symbol manifesting itself]

Sound is a symbol which occurs naturally and
human can treat it freely.
Sound (symbol) is used for the share and transfer
of experience in a group.

Since the symbols are experienced,
it can trace back spirit to occurrence of the symbols.
It is similar to tracing back occurrence of the world.

Subconscious has reacted to occurrence of the world.
Therefore, "spirit of occurrence" manifests
an effect dominant in the group.

Going back to occurrence is
"obtaining the effect of the time", and
"arrangement of sounds (symbols)"
is one of the invisible controlling power.

Like this, the time can be used as force.

Scheme: 1839

Do you feel the symbol in you?

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Human lives in the thinking power toward the future.

Human is restructuring the phenomenon world
in thinking power.
The built thinking power is the world for
which human can act.

Human develops (extends) thinking power toward the future.
Human lives in the thinking power toward the future.

The founders of the globally famous Japanese companies
sold philosophy through sale of goods.
Consumers felt goods as an instance of the world
which develops toward the future.

Now, the phenomenon world reacts
as intellect of the understanding concept (constitutive concept)
by the Internet and artificial intelligence increasingly.

As experiential or theoretical,
human should reappraise intellect of the reason concept
(transcendental concept),
and should gain concretely "the thinking power toward future."

So we can connect transcendence to the grounding as talent,
and can feel the life force in the future which develops.

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[Art of Effect] Capability of ending point of reason concept of being used as capability.

[General view.]





When the Internet changes to quasi-spirit
with artificial intelligence, and devices,
such as a smart phone,
change like extension of the body,
"the ending point of a reason concept" of acquiring
will be conscious as "transcendental capability."

Getting to know that the world is corresponding
how generally to each occurrence becomes
one of the capability used actually for human.


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