You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Glass Bead Game or Art of Effect are reflected to society.

It became clear how Glass Bead Game or Art of Effect
are reflected to the structure of economy and industry.

At least in Tokyo, people already noticed.

Moreover, people who may help the process
in which I return to work from this sick rest
have been also found out.

The door opens.

Although it is small luck,
the oracle is "the wish becomes at will".

I visited the Fukutoku shrine in Nihonbashi today.

Since the atmosphere of the cafe
where I rested before returning was good,
I think that I will rest on the way
from East Gardens of the Imperial Palace
after now.

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Capability for symbol

"The feeling of the symbol"
for which I felt a wane yesterday,
I have found that it has recovered
in East Gardens of the Imperial Palace today.

And it waned once and recovered again,
the element which constitutes the symbol
has been realized newly.

As capability.

those elements made consideration advanced
about what constitutes economy and industry newly.

They are useful for future activity.


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As process of living human, I use technique at actual spot.

I visited Hama-Rikyu Garden.

It was shocking.
Although "the dynamic symbol group" could be seen before,
only the quiet garden could be seen today.

My technique is progressing.
That is, there was too little fieldwork for a while.
Although the illness was also a reason.

On the other hand recently,
it is strongly conscious that the technique is manifesting
the original meaning firstly,
when technique is used efficiently at an actual spot.

It is a process of the living human.

At Tully's in Shiodome.
I noticed that is very delicious anew.

Recently, I have seldom carried out updating of my blog.
However, the active mass is not decreasing.

It is because a meaning has come to arise in nondisclosure.

I did gratis public presentation for 18 years,
and obtained the present stage.

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New method about Glass Bead Game.

I guess
that I was urged by work of depths consciousness,
I have begun read novel Glass Bead Game again.

When several pages of the beginning were read,
the new method of Glass Bead Game occurred
in my mind suddenly.

Although it is a new way of using
of the techniques obtained until now,
it is brief and forceful.

When I had noticed this,
before gaining Art of Effect,
the achievement was expected and
possibly the motive had settled down.


I remember that my teacher Ayao Ide had pressed me
to eat the half of the hamburger which was the rest,
after he had already eaten the half,
at the place in which German Ambassador in Japan
was there.

And the warm look of German Ambassador in Japan
at that time.

Time proceeds, the world is changing.

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Glass Bead Game and Art of Effect.

I hope to make the Glass Bead Game
which Hermann Hesse who is the poet
whom people in the world loved conceived
of the concept of be one of the opportunities
of change in the world.

I hope to make Art of Effect
which is created with experience of my own distress
as the reason be one of the opportunities
for Japan to change.

There is no direct relation to the photograph and this post.

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