You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Factor of generation which it is aware of. Emergence of field in precedence.

[General View]




Philosophy movement in the 20th century
which aims at describing the structures of experience
of an as,
without depending on other theories and premises
of study, such as natural science,
although it appears in consciousness.

- Microsoft Encarta -

[Creation of Scheme Method]

Human experiences.
In other words,
and human expects existence of the world,
expecting that experience is possible.

The world of human is developed in the conformity
of experience and existence.
There, known and unknown exist.
A motive is caused in re-generation of the world.

Predominance exists
in "better re-generation of the world."
There is the reason
which is not absolute predominance with power or size.

I create a scheme method,
in order to obtain this arising.
The effects will be sensed
when the inside of ( ) is written in.

A factor of a phenomenon. : ( )
<- Emergence of precedence. : ( )
Conformity. : ( )
- > Re-generation of the world. : ( )

A factor of experience. : ( )
<- Conformity of space-time. : ( )
Realization of precedence nature. : ( )
- > Factor of generation in the world. : ( )

A factor of achievement. : ( )
<- Use of change. : ( )
Blessing. : ( )
- > Capability of a new birth. : ( )

The mutual relation of each item is the same
with the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game.
Especially an effect arises
at the upper right of each set.

* The first scheme method.


This feature is the following.

A potential outcome is innate in a form of a factor.
Although the result of the use is development,
the cause of the use is precedence.

The precedence in a belief is a field
which a motive causes.
Although the motive manifested derives people's hope,
the field which a motive causes is developed
by the factor of generation.

It is aware of the factor of generation.

The force of viewpoint was used for this article
from seven force.

Seven force are
viewpoint, foreseeing, awakening, precedence, occurrence,
development, and flux.

This article was written based on the scheme used
for the following articles.
"Axis of coordinates of change to and practical workability
which arises in conformity of spirituality and thinking."

Scheme: 1800

The material of such progressive application is inherent
in my old articles.

(C) Copyright 2015 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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Construction of view of world from individual, and reacted type economy.

The consciousness " the world is a thing
which is updated" became necessary by the appearance
of the Internet,
and evolution of the phenomenon world on the basis
of information.
It is "manifestation of an unsettled principle."

In consciousness, an achievement is confirmed
with the relation between the world or people
also at the work which people do by a direct relation
with nature, such as agriculture.
"Construction of consciousness" changes reality also.

At least, in Japan,
people began to spend many expenses more than conventionally,
when what enriches self was discerned
holding down consumption.
It is thought that the aspect of activity changed
from "the consumers to the market"
to "the investor to self."

Huge desire has arisen as what requires for a return.

About what reacts to "an unsettled principle",
and about what is active as "an investor to self" to things
in which "construction of consciousness" succeeded,
what kind of aspect can new large-scale economy take?
What is the "whole economy which the activity
from an individual constitutes?"

It is "reacted type economy" that is considered as a thing.
It is "aspect of the economy acquired as a success of investing
to self while an individual constructs consciousness
in a reaction in principle."

Can economy react to individual's self-investment type activity
on a large scale?
Since a conclusion is obtained about the activity
as "the world image constructed"
about "manifestation of an unsettled principle",
"construction of consciousness",
and "an investor to self",
a tendency can be predicted from the exchange in SNS etc.

Important one will respect "a world image is naturally born
by individual spontaneousness",
and will be
"making economic form construction react to an individual"
flexibly and variously.

In other words, it is "reacted type economy" to help
that an individual materializes spontaneousness.

Human beings' activity is energy.
It means to react to the whole energy
acquiring an industrial form.

(C) Copyright 2015 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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When to be aware of lead of update room of world in world elements of innate.

A new theory and thought become an element
in the possible new world potentially.
And the updating of the world requires another element.

When the room of the updating of the world comes into
the domain of awareness with the elements
which are innate of the human being manifesting the formation
of the world, a new theory and thought are applied.

In other words,
when to be aware of lead of update room of world
in world elements of innate,
people reflect a new theory and thought to the world
as a phenomenon.

Although there are many kinds of new theories and thought,
the number of the processes in which we are aware of lead of
the world with the innate world elements is one.

The scheme method of the Glass Bead Game
which catches the reason concepts in the range of a phenomenon
with a possibility group is a prototype
which makes the innate world elements precede with the world,
when usage is changed.

It turned out that the process
which human beings' new aspect of affairs causes is grasped
from two sides.
- Precedence of the innate world elements.
- Renewal of theory or thought.

*The first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game.
*Click to expand.

(C) Copyright 2015 Kyo Nissho. All rights reserved.
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Axis of coordinates of change to and practical workability which arises in conformity of spirituality and thinking.

[General view]


The human being exists.
The human being's brain grasps the world structurally.
In physics, a mind as a phenomenon of a quantum level
is supposed.

We can suppose the tendency
which constitutes the world to things of
the phenomenon world.
In the tendency,
we can consider the case which is affirmative
in the world which a human being constitutes,
and the case which is negative.

If the tendency is simulated,
it may be judged how a human being may be enhanced.

"Suiting the world" is force.
We can acquire this force as a reason concept
of development.


(1) "Spirit"

It inhabits animals and plants and things other,
and goes that in and out,
or is the supernatural being that is supposed
as floating in the air.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

(2) Scheme 1799
"Synchronization of meaning and phenomenon by re-acquiring
human being's existence as starting point in phenomenon."

Symbol: Preceding space-time.
<- Function: Reaction of necessity.
Cultural property: The opinion of the meaning of sound.
-> Reflective judgment: Synchronicity of
a human being's formation force
and a formation force of the natural world.

Principle: Occurrence in a human being.
<- Trial: Element of semantic formation.
Change: Occurrence of the conformity of space-time.
-> Human ability: Progress of occurrence reacted to a meaning.

Existence: The human being's existence in a meaning.
<- Mercy: Formation of re-acquisition of being the human being.
Appearing: Responding each other of
a practice and a phenomenon in a sign.
-> Possible of object: An imaginative power in subjectivity
and the objectivity.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1800

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Materialization of reason concept, and time series of generation force.

The human being responds to transcendence
with a reason concept.
And a reason concept and natural generation force
may be conformable.

It is force of new age
to lead how "the consciousness and trial of
a reason concept changing to a phenomenon " of people
are conformable with
"the phenomenon of the generation which is the origin."

A reason concept is a transcendental concept.

It arises as re-acquisition of the world
by reflexive (seeing universality from peculiarity) ability.

Only the end products (or service) do not realize
present-day victory or defeat,but it is realized
with whether it has obtained people's centripetal force
about change in the world.

"Smart phone + artificial intelligence + Cloud" and
"things changing in IT", and the tendency of the evolution
has caused the "intellectual phenomenon world" further.

That the phenomenon world changes to intellect manifests
people's new possible activity domain
by spontaneousness and trial being led to the consciousness
of that a reason concept (transcendental concept) changes
to a phenomenon.

Experience of people's transcendence is accelerated
with symbols in virtual reality.

The sensitivity to the times has arisen
in removing a mental brake
towards the new phenomenon which may occur.
It is a pleasant sensation
which is "a person concerned with age."

Can you synchronize with the feeling or not?

A provider's (company) raison d'etre is observed
by "whether the person manifests the origin of change"
from these.

"the present economical effect" and
"the passage of time to materialize new trial as culture"
need to be shown clearly about "people's spontaneousness".
It stimulates "the blood flow of development."
It materializes "the flow of funds",
and "the generation force of its company."

As a fact of the opposite side,
"globalization" which is one of the features
in the intellectual phenomenon world manifests
"the stagnation of the existing economy of advanced nations,
and the high growth of the newly emerging countries."

The dilemma
by which "the basic strong of economy and industry"
is lost for "the present profits" has arisen.

Whether the person (the country) can take the "origin"
arises "whether they can collect players."
It is likened to the ability
"whether to be able to take a corner" or not with othello.
The situation of "turning a situation in a moment" arises.

The reason concept is a process
in which we manifest transcendence.
It arises not stable.

However, in Japan, it adapts itself to people's feeling
responding to an urge "a solution principle like shall exist"
on the occasion of the age of hardship.

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