You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


On the birthday on October 2, 2016.

October 2 was my birthday.

I clarified the second scheme method of the Glass Bead Game
which was being used experientially.

I visited to Tokyo Daijingu.
The sacred oracle was "excellent luck".

I tried the sacred oracle of love on my life for the first time.
It was "luck".

I visited to Kanda Myojin.
And, Yushima Confucian Shrine.

Although I have become more familiar to Taoism than Confucianism,
I feel preciousness for the way of life of Confucius.

I am recovering from depression and am reducing medicine.
As there is dependence in a nervous medicine,
I endure withdrawal symptoms.

But I feel a meaning for my life
when I have a bird's-eye view.

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Complement of explanation of first schema method, and basic method of use of glass beads.

With development of the Glass Bead Game,
I complemented explanation of the first scheme method.

The bases of how to use the glass beads are also shown.

The intellectual property
which I have agreed to use to countries and people in the world
is shown by the linked page.


By the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game,
universality is practiced as use of nature of purpose in each item
for the symbols, a principles, and existence.

The nature of practice of this universality
connects three sets of the first scheme method.

By the transcendence obtained by practice of the symbols,
the principles, and existence,
the border of practical use of various cultural property disappears.

This transcendence manifests links to each scheme.
It is because composition is shown
in each scheme and the objectivity in shift of composition
from a composition is reflected to the nature by practice.



Each scheme is assigned to the glass beads of various colors
in use of the glass beads.
Although the definition is free, since it is general,
red, green, and blue have been used in my sites.

At the same time, the glass bead the form of phenomena,
such as time and space, is used independently.
The light-blue glass bead has been used in my sites.

Furthermore, the glass bead which means change independently
about the form of a phenomenon is used at the same time.
The yellow glass bead has been used in my sites.

The big glass bead has been used as each actual existence,
and the small glass bead has been used as each factor.

As expression of causality of each glass bead, as used generally,
the form of the axis of coordinates and the clockwise rotation
have been used with composing.


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About explanation of the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game.

18 years have elapsed since the first scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game was born.

When it was uncovered to the public in 2011,
it was natural that the basis of possibility exists in me.

I think that there may be explanation a little more
about the view of the scheme method although much actual usage
has been shown.
Besides, what is not used now was remembered
by the view of the time of the first scheme method birth.

I improve the page after several days.

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Feeling must be re-acquired about essential application.

The reaction in the actual force which constitutes change,
and the reaction confirmed as information by my blog etc.
became motivation as a whole,
I imagined how people would do the Glass Bead Game.

When the first scheme method was considered again,
it was felt for a while that I was in a maze.
Progress of the second scheme method was felt
to be too vast to the feeling.

The meaning of nature of purpose was gained
after the feeling again.

Technique has always evolved.
The evolution gives a meaning to essence.
However, to the custom,
I had entrusted the meaning given of the essence
to the first technique (the first scheme method)
that transcended the boundary of possible and impossible.

"Although used, feeling has not responded."
I remember that it narrowed the range of practice of application
of the first scheme method.

Actual progress of life was felt dissociated from my feeling,
because the range of my consciousness was narrow by the custom
about use of the first scheme method for having opened
to the public.

Acquisition of a high order technique has a meaning.
On the other hand,
I was conscious that I should be careful
that the essence is existing also in the initial technique.

By the first about 10 times using the first scheme method,
I had taken time to play one Glass Bead Game about one month.
Although evolution is important,
essential practice should be conscious always.

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[Glass Bead Game] Sign of progress similar to life. Potential activity which is lighted for reaction to reason concept.


I gain an instance about the following article.
"[Glass Bead Game] Conformity of multiplication of
reactive various-factors and spirituality."

[General view]




[Practical use of cultural property]

Symbolic anthropology

One field of anthropology which regards culture
as a system of a meaning and transfer,
and which analyzes the language activities and symbolic thinking
which make human exist as human.

- Britannica international encyclopedia -

[Use of first scheme method]

Symbol: Sign.
<- Function: Factor of occurrence.
Cultural property: Symbolic anthropology.
-> Reflexive judgment: A system reacted to the reason concept
of freedom.

Principle: Life change.
<- Trial: Reflection of a potential system.
Change: Concord of life force and an occurrence effect.
-> Human ability: Activity which is progress of a reason concept.

Existence: Human nature in universality.
<- Mercy: Progressive link.
Appearing: Reflexive judgment to forms.
-> Possible of object: Awareness to potential nature.

* The first scheme method.


[Acquisition of transcendence by difference]

Things that a human being with the nature to react
to the cause of a higher rank unconsciously achieves
have caused the nature of progress of a reason concept

Since things potential exist as an object of experience,
the system which human can manifest
resembles an impetus of the life.

From these,
human's spiritualism can return things various
to the factor of occurrence.
As the pendulum which reached one height reverses the vector,
it is the activity of the factor of occurrence
that progress of things expands links.

The system of the fixed form in everything changing
seems to decline apparently.
However, even if it is a decline,
it is emerging the links to occurrence.

Human can manifest the style of the description or manifestation.
Because the sign of progress resembles the life.

Scheme: 1914

Does the effect activate the potential domain?

What is causality?

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