Force like superhuman in human being.

Manifestation of transcendental subject.

About Art of Effect.

Apperception of effect manifests force.

"Brain noticing with preceding."


I went to Yasukuni Jinja to view the cherry blossoms.

I went to Yasukuni Jinja (Yasukuni Shrine)
which is famous for cherry blossom viewing.

The branch stores were on the entrance path and
there were very many people.


Since many cherry blossoms were in bloom
rather than having imagined, I am satisfactory.


I ate navy curry.

"Probably, those who cook also at the time
which had little food strove to become the most delicious."
Voice has been heard from the inner part of the mind such.


This photograph, gold color is mixed.

Noh was danced at the Noh theater.


I passed the pleasant time at the place
at which I can enjoy Noh, cherry blossoms,
and tea at the same time.
I will be in the place
which left a few from the Noh theater,
therefore the Noh song was seldom able to be heard.

I may go once again.

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Two transcendental conversation.

I have stopped alcohol
and two years or more have passed.

I who was drinking a lot of alcohol before is fighting
with the temptation with which I drink alcohol again.

memory of teachers and great-grandparents has begun
to revive these days, without being conscious.

The background of the consciousness to life
has begun changing.

The present conversation in consciousness
with the teachers or great-grandparents is arising
in my everyday life.

One more. That also is very important.

It let me begin to meet those who practice the method
of the Glass Bead Game or Art of Effect which I introduced.

It doesn't mean that they steal my technique,
but they show the consent to me by using the technique
which I introduced.

Following up by a twitter or commenting on my blog
seem to be "what it is not" as contact with me for them.

From me,
the method of suitable contact should be prepared.

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To circulate the force of living to people.

Thing which makes a country be the country is
to be substantial of an effect for people to an effect,
i.e., the force making people be alive circulates
in all the places of the country.

When peaceful,
a person with wisdom circulates force in all the places
of the country.

However, if it is warring,
the person with wisdom will be used for the fight,
and will exhaust, and circulation of force will be stagnate.

And the stability of the country swings.
The stable country which swung is easy to be ruined.

The condition of war should be canceled promptly.


The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Strategy 2.

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A high-speed original reaction system. Soul.

[General view]


[What has occurred?]

Language can be translated to various races in the world.
Natural laws work similarly to every person and in anywhere
of the universe. No person can deny this.

A human being makes the form of the urge in advance
of experience in thinking.
A part or all of the form will be solved as shown in (a).
The phenomenon in which things are effecting in all
of human beings exists.

[What has not been solved?]

About the phenomenon in which things are effecting
in all of human beings, the basis is not fully utilized.

For example, suppose that it is the soul(*1)
which reacts to an image or a phenomenon in advance
of experience.
Moreover, suppose, therefore it is in advance of experience,
that things that are shared by human beings exist.

This is summarized, suppose although there is transcendency
in a soul, but isn't objectivity.

However, it is not denied that a human being reacts
to the existence itself in advance of experience.

It is hard to think that economy and industry
have still reacted to this transcendency fully.

[Creation and change in you.]

When you react to this article,
the following evolution may have arisen in you.

The relation updated for every moment
between the self-existence and the phenomenal world demands
awakening to the newly born world to survivors.

This high-speed reaction system that exists
in a living body is erecting the relation
of the phenomenal world and survival, such as consciousness.

Can the human being utilize now better
about this high-speed reaction system of the origin?

*1 Soul.
It is the existence which is in the inside of the body
while the human being is alive,
and serves as a driving force of a life or spirit.
A personal and immaterial existence.
The eternal existence which exceeded recognition by feeling
in the personal existence
which manages the individual body and spirit.
- from Wikipedia (in Japan) -

Scheme: 1665

This article is related to the scheme 1664.

The effect exists also in yourself.

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I imagine about reaction object to change, and about spread of consciousness.

[General view]


We exist in the changing phenomenal world.
The world where we survive is made of various quanta
(smallest phenomenon).
Those quanta have been reacting to change of
the phenomenal world.

If change in the world which we survive
can be obtained from a quantum group,
we may understand how we are uniting with an existence world,
and how consciousness spreads in the world as an effect.

A human being is also a phenomenon and
it is because it is a part of grasped in terms of quanta.

If it says by practical use,
it will be actualization of the affinity of the condition
of brain waves, and the condition of a phenomenon, etc.


(1) The quantum computer

The unit of work is called the quantum bit and
can manifest quantum information.
Parallel computing is done using a quantum bit.

In the quantum computer,
according to making the quantum and quantum bit
in a phenomenon respond,
it was probably easy to materialize the model
in the phenomenon world, I imagined so.

(2) From scheme 1663

"Manifesting the reaction object to all the energies
with things known."


Symbol: Mark.
<- Function: Reaction object to a potential domain.
Cultural property: Activation energy.
-> Reflective judgment: In energy migration, we predict things
of becoming.

Principle: Reversal is a usual state.
<- Trial: We grasp things known whole as a particular form
of a potential domain.
Change: The actual domain and also a potential domain is received
the effect of energy.
-> Human ability: Spontaneous reaction to things existing.

Existence: It is filled.
<- Mercy: A human being's imperfection can be complemented.
Appearing: Things with which it supplements change.
-> Possible of object: The starting point of change of potential
to actual.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1664

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Two beginnings.

Development from individual.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.

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