Human enhancement.

"Brain noticing with preceding."

Uplift becoming phenomenon.

Reaction system to development.

Two beginnings.


Natural Glass Bead Game, formation force.

Ability sharable for the Glass Bead Game
by the Glass Bead Game player and the general people
is formation force.

The General people can begin the Glass Bead Game
from use of formation force.
From the state in which they do not train.

Formation force is the ability of the Glass Bead Game
which human demonstrates naturally.

Formation force is also the ability to sense shortage
by the structure imagined.

Human being is a phenomenon and there is universality
in all phenomenon.
Formation force is a reaction to the universality.

There are two or more kinds of
the diagram methods of the Glass Bead Game.
From the first diagram method
to the high order diagram method.
Each has the feature.

Although each has the feature,
the common technique of the Glass Bead Game player
and the general people arises in formation force.

Those who contribute to development cause influence.
You are the person.

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"Obtaining a survival level high as a phenomenon with consciousness."


The life is a phenomenon with consciousness.
This consciousness is related to the phenomenal world mutual
for survival.

The consciousness related to the phenomenal world mutual
finds out self activity as a meaning in the world.

It is conscious of the origin of existence
that the survival obtained from a relation with the world
in phenomenon and meaning which were found out are

That the origin of existence and self are felt
with conformable brings survivors progress in survival,
and brings evaluation of survival.

[About ability]

By being a phenomenon,
we live arising in relation to the phenomenal world arising.

Since survival becomes a reason,
we desire to discern a relation with the phenomenal world
more deeply.

Everyone has the ability to understand the origin
of existence.
It is desire of survival that we understand the origin
of existence more deeply,
and is expression of the phenomenal world.

We are phenomena with consciousness and are existence persons
who demonstrate a relation with the phenomenal world as ability.


Way of thinking: It is compared with a severe situation and
a life shows the meaning.
Observation: The life which is a phenomenon with consciousness
works as a re-appearance of the world.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: The body hair of the fox is swaying
in the wind which blows in snow.


Way of thinking: Like the formula of all the actual existence,
there are the trials of a life.

Beginning is always possible.

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By the reason concepts and self universality as a phenomenon.

The reason concepts as a phenomenon.
Self universality as a phenomenon.
When active by these,
the world will show the hidden element.
when the world is again observed with the element
acquired newly,
new practical use will be obtained.

Now, I use the glass beads (symbol)
with the high level diagram method (nondisclosure),
and denote the effect (it is grasped by nature of purpose)
with the first diagram method.

There are what is discovered by thinking power,
and a thing obtained by refining by practice.
"Today's discovery" has a background for tens of years.

Those who accept evolution survive.

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"In source, human beings and various force are one."


The nucleus and the electron are fettered
The sun and the earth are fettered to gravitation
and centrifugal force.
Nature is born by these.

The force which enables material actual existence
makes possible nature which makes a life possible.

Human beings are experiencing the force
which makes nature possible using oneself's
being material actual existence.

[About ability]

Human being is the person concerned with the big force
which works in the universe, and with the small force too.
Spirit reacts to nature. Nature changes with various force.
Therefore, the ability to utilize various force arises
in human being.

In the range of the possibility of activity,
we the source of force are one.
Therefore, the meaning of big force and small force
arises from us.
About survival.

We and what may exist about survival are one.

What is this practice?


Way of thinking: The element which enables structure
of a living body is omnipresent in the rule lawfully state.
Observation: We and previous change of change experienced
are one unconsciously.

[Other inspirations of this series. ]


Way of thinking: Characteristic vibration is a standard
of judgment of survival of an organism.


Way of thinking: When retrovirus composition achieves.

Beginning is always possible.

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"Plan of DNA, and cross of changing energy. Thinking power and influence."


DNA is planning the possibility of survival
of an individual.
The phenomenal world results in change
to an individual.

The plan of use of the energy in an individual.
The opportunity of birth and death in the phenomenal
Each individual tries to be in extension of the relation
between energy and birth.

DNA far smaller than the usual consciousness.
Energy of the phenomenal world far bigger
than the usual consciousness.
The two work crosses and there is a process
in which each individual lives.

[About ability]

The determinant of the process
in which each individual lives exists
in the phenomenal world.
The basis of a possibility
that each individual can live exists
before thinking.

Human beings exist in big harmony.
The big harmony effects as a big determination occasionally.
The crossing effect which enables existence of human beings
can be the target of thinking power.

The life has a meaning.
The life can prove the relation of the cross of
an effect and real existence.
We are somethings that the universe described
and describe a part of universe.

Thinking power to the cross of the effects
and the relation of real existence.
The influence of the life.


Way of thinking: The soul which is not isolated any longer
has reacted to breathing of chlorophyll. The sun inclines.
Observation: Work of the thinking power of the activity person
who is at the cross of the prediction of DNA and the change of
the phenomenal world.

[Other inspirations of this series. ]


Way of thinking: The sound of the needle of a clock sounds
and I remember that the universe is beyond the blue of the sky.


Way of thinking: While sand falls,
it makes me remember that the horizon of a phenomenon is calm.

Beginning is always possible.

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Judgment in the enhanced spirit.

New industrialization.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.

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