Human enhancement.

"Brain noticing with preceding."

Uplift becoming phenomenon.

Reaction system to development.

Two beginnings.


It's medium of big effect simultaneous in every moment, making human's actual existence prototype.

The following appeared asking the universality
which I myself who is a phenomenon have.
You have universality similarly.

About "a soul wanting to awake as the universe."

Realizing a phenomenon.

Symbol: The medium of a phenomenon.
Given: The actual existence person who may awake.

The origin medium by which a phenomenon appears is
out of recognition of human.
However, the ability of the human being who perceives
experience of a phenomenon in advance exists.
Human has a part of same nature as the medium
of a phenomenon.

Principle: The big effect which is the origin
of a phenomenon.
Given: Generating of recognition.

A start and end of a phenomenon arise in process
of a bigger phenomenon.
The recognition of the start and the end of the phenomenon
are tacit recognition to a bigger phenomenon.
In this recognition, we understand own recognition.

Existence: What is simultaneous at every moment
of the current of the times.
Given: A formula is possible.

The formula established once is reproduced
in anywhere always.
If in other words it observes from this formula,
every moment in the current of the times is simultaneous.
In every moment,
human beings do the premise of something simultaneous,
and exist.


You can use the first diagram method
for the order of reverse from these symbols, a principle,
and existence, and can develop a possibility group.

As an example, I describe a part from this article.

Trial: Technique which arranges the process
which we grasp about the whole with which we make the effect
being assumed as a part about a formula when carrying out
the foreseeing of the potential phenomenon.

The energy: Energy which has allowed human actual existence
when seeing recognition ability as an opportunity
to carry out the foreseeing of the potential phenomenon.

The structure: When using about the ability to see the whole
using an effect as a part for human's actual existence,
human's actual existence can be considered as the prototype
of a potential phenomenon.
Moreover, structure in the case of considering.

Nature of purpose is materialized in the above concept group.
Did you acquire the key to freedom?

There is structure of a miracle with your awareness.
It is a manifestation of freedom.

diagram: 1578fig3

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Industrialization by human enhancement.

Human is a phenomenon
and there is universality in all phenomenon.
We can discover the effect responding to the universality.
About the universality,
human enhancement can respond to given
which is by awakening.

Development of the Internet demands human enhancement
to people.
Because that knowledge changes to an infrastructure demands
suggestively that knowledge should change into an effect.

We have mental and spiritual resource.
Or we can access it.

We respond by given so that an effect may be expressed
to mental and spiritual resource.
Mental and spiritual sympathy is developing
into the mutual influence by effect.

Human enhancement which changes mental and spiritual value
into an effect.
People who derive the achievement of human enhancement.
People who utilize the achievement of human enhancement.

Material civilization reacts to the process.
Industrialization by human enhancement.

The technique already exists.
Furthermore, it will develop.
People reacted to the possibility are appearing.
To the future.

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About "a soul wanting to awake as the universe."


We exist really as a life.
We are with the system of something
that allows actual existence which exists really.

For example, there is a soul
with the system of the universe.

An actual existence person lives the inside
of a arising of a possible system.
Three will be tried.

What is a system?
What is a thing possible in a system?
How can oneself be given a definition?

By "those who see" and "those who don't see"
are not seen,
"things possible in system" have a different meaning.

About survival.

There are things that uplift survival with oneself.
There is it with the system.

Way of thinking: Embryo.
Observation: Change and self-existence have a concord

Way of thinking: Rebirth of a form.
Observation: The system of the universality
which allowed to the life.

Way of thinking: A spiritual form.
Observation: Search of things possible in self-existence.

[Force being used]



We assume that actual existence exists
with the equivalent effect.
When it is right, we can judge that the effect
which ourself can handle is based on the self-recognition
as actual existence.

We assume self-existence to be a part of universe.
However, if we grasp ourself with only in the range
of the past experience,
we cannot awake to the effect of a certain more than
with the past experience.
It will not progress to the future
that is the time of awakening also.

Human is a miracle who is allowed to exist
with the universe.
Responding to the character in which consciousness reacts
to the universe,
the character of the effect to which realization ability
can react changes.

Realization ability is not restricted only ability
of human peculiar.
It also include the reaction method realized
using natural laws.

we are those of "liking to be aware of the universe."
the human being who wants to experience the miracle
which may exist in the universe in self-existence
is such an actual existence person.

* In this article,
I ran in the phenomenon using the reason concept group.

diagram: 1578

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The uplift becoming phenomenon.

Human exists with universality.
The universe also exists with universality.

The brain reacts to the universality
which exists with human.
We can react to the universality of the universe
taking advantage of the reaction.

The phenomenon which can be caused changes.
Given which can react becomes clear.

We can reflect the reaction to the existence (universe)
exceeding human in existence of a method to enhance human.

We know how the nature of the existence
which spirit caught will be useful for human enhancement,
and can make the process of enhancement actual.

Many mental achievements happen
to our cultural civilization.
People who uplift.

Probably there are many mental uplifts
which are still not fully reflected in given
which was allowed to human.

People who have a foreseeing.

If a mental uplift is reflected in given of human,
and if it becomes human enhancement in a method,
probably there will be many human beings
who will react to the future in the world.

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"The brain noticing with preceding."

The brain reacts to the natural world,
obtains a formula responding to the universality
which exists in the nature,
and reproduces the phenomenon of the nature.

Human beings are also one of the phenomena of the nature.
Since universality exists in the inside of all the phenomena,
universality exists also in human beings.

If there is a phenomenon in which universality
is not included,
it will be a phenomenon out of the order of the universe.

However, human beings are premising it for the trial
and the achievement of civilization that all the phenomena
exist harmonizing with the order of the universe.

There are people who exceed the range of induction
by the data obtained from the external phenomenon,
and do thinking which was not assumed.

For example, the example of Einstein's theory of relativity
is famous,
and probably there are many examples which are imagined

The brain reacts to the natural world
and obtains a formula responding to universality.

Human beings are a part of natural world
and the brain assumes a formula in response
to the universality in human's inside.

The brain reacts to universality.

And in advance of experience,
human assumes "what is known" sometimes.
The brain can be active
so that it is noticing with preceding.

It seems that it is this that Aristotle wanted to derive
a method about abduction *1.

It is because it is the thinking method possible
for human beings.

When we advance thinking based on data on hand
or the material of thinking in order to prove
or realize something,
and a brain reacts to the reason of a higher rank
at a certain time,
we experience it occasionally that the system of thinking
arises in a moment.

Generally it is called "finding" or "awakening."

We have reacted to the universality which exists
with ourselves in human beings being a part of order
of the universe.

Human beings survive with the miracle.
Human beings can reproduce the miracle in the world
by something with being conscious.

It is the thinking which exceeded the range of induction
and was not assumed.

Being intentional. Or being unconscious.
Using a method. Or not using a method.

If it is intentional and is with a method,
while going toward new 100 years.

*1 Abduction of deduction, induction, and abduction.

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New industrialization.

Reaction of imaginative power.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.

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