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"New Time"

"The Method"


Ability of cause of occurrence obtained by spirituality which we precede with space-time.

[General view]





I chose fig3.



The bird of the divine spirit on the tradition
relevant to the sun worship of ancient Egypt.
When the lifetime is exhausted, the bird makes a nest
with an aromatic tree or perfume,
the bird keep staying in it, fire lights,
and the bird dies in the flames,but a new young bird is born out of the ashes,
and the bird puts the father's ashes from cremation
into the egg of medicine for the death,
fly to Heliophos of Egypt,and being said that the bird enshrines
in altar of the temple of the sun.

- Britannica encyclopedia -


Symbol: Work which spins the world.
<- Function: The cause of occurrence as ability.
Cultural property: Phoenix.
-> Reflective judgment: The field of life.

Principle: It is conformity to a various-matters thing.
<- Trial: Behavior of the world in self.
Change: A great intention.
-> Human ability: Proxy.

Existence: Manifestation of a phenomenon.
<- Mercy: Inspirational probability.
Appearing: Meaning.
-> Possible of object: Spirituality.

* The first scheme method.



Activity of the living body exists in relation
to the phenomenon world.
There are various connection.
The human being gets the inspiration beyond space-time
using the connection.

The inspiration does not necessarily serve as a reason
of the phenomenal world.
If it puts in another way,
it means that the human being are having obtainedvarious "precedence."

From these,
"the cause of occurrence of the phenomenon world
as the human being's ability" is considered.

"It is not certain. However,
the human being's intuition or inspiration may be conformable
with the occurrence in the phenomenon world. "

Even if it is directly based on intuition or inspiration
and acts,
the always expected achievement is not necessarily obtained.

Owning the "cause of the occurrence in possibility" obtained
by intuition or inspiration so to speak on the other hand
as "a system of the opportunity of the vision for the occurrence
which may occur in the future" has a meaning.

The meaning is verifiable.
Suppose that there are people without intuition or inspiration.
Do you want to become the person?

Scheme: 1692

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Motivation of imaginative power to things of development which forms creation myth.

[General view]



Symbol: The imaginative power and effect manifestation.
<- Function: Guidance of the vision for human-being type
Cultural property: Creation myth.
-> Reflective judgment: Personality vision for the form
of the effect which exists in the world.

Principle: In the origin, we grasp effects.
<- Trial: Creation of a global reaction system.
Change: The reaction in the world to the imaginative power
which precedes.
-> Human ability: Ability-izing from the phenomenon world.

Existence: The general existence of reason.
<- Mercy: Acquisition of a practice norm.
Appearing: Transcendency manifestation from possible
of precedence.
-> Possible of object: The world of changing miraculously.

* The first scheme method.


[Instance of freedom]


The world like genesis by the imaginative power
is led with a human-being type symbol.
Achievement of the investigation trial leads the person
a feeling of transcendency of the feeling generalized
to the world.


It combines indirectly the relation
between the imaginative power and the whole phenomenon world
with the various things.
it complements the combination with a human-being type symbol etc.,
and acquires continuation of progress of the vision.


Internal nature of purpose, such as music,
is the catalysts of the precedence to the world.
External nature of purpose, such as engineering,
is indirect manifestation of transcendency.

Scheme: 1691

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Getting to know change and obtaining best adjustment at every moment.

We understand change.
there is no telling whether change occurs
as the understanding.
It is because an unknown element always comes
into change.

When two or more people make preparations suitable
for change,
we should get to know that we are in the state
which we cannot determine the absolute advantage
to the others.

The act to survival is done in process of change.
All the prepared elements must just be again adjusted
to the present moment.


The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Forces form 1.

Scheme: 1690

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Progressive method tried on boundary. Acquisition of transcendency.

The smart phone which functions at all places.
Artificial intelligence which evolves by people's reaction
in Cloud.

In all the people,
the knowledge used for the existing activity method begins
to be assisted by artificial intelligence,
and it is expected at least that people's reaction
in the existing activity method begins to be arranged by Cloud.

The existing activity will be systematized with the reaction
through automation and will be used.
"The existing effective method" is generally acquired
in the twinkling of an eye,
and will lose the competitive advantage.

It will be required that is a source of the first development.

On what kind of domain is a progressive method tried?

It will become "progress being tried on a boundary"
for "the existing domain" and a "progressive domain".

it is thought that the innovation of
"smart phone + artificial intelligence + Cloud"
becomes progress for the person's survival conditions
for those who newly cause a development domain.

But probably,
for people who woke up to "acquisition of transcendency",
it is visible to "a natural flow."

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While surviving based on force with uncertainty.

Survival is not stabilized.
The human beings make force real into instability.

Force responds to the flow of the time.
Or does not respond.

The momentum of survival is born in the world,
existing in own force based on uncertainty.

When observing the time.
Those who understand use of momentum fully survive.


The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Deliberating for attack 6.

Scheme: 1689

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"Brain noticing with preceding."

"The manifesting person of the effect."


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