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"New Time"

"The Method"


Globalization of human active to potential development domain.

I have noticed
that two realities have a harmonizing point.

(1) An original idea or individuality is tried on Japan
in practice.

(2) Cultural property is connected to the possibilities
which can be experienced with the first scheme method
of the Glass Bead Game.

"Japan" of (1) can be thought in another way as the "world."

I can connect an original idea and individuality
with the first scheme method of (2) to "change in the world
which we can think of", and can grasp them with it.

By these,
we can connect an original idea and individuality
to the potential development domain in the world.

in order to connect with a potential domain,
I don't take a form like consulting
which promises a "profit."

It is necessary to be "a progressive awakening
about recognition of the world or change ."

Globalization active human is the theme.

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As point of contact with ambiguous and unambiguous universe, human being's activity exists really.

[General view]



Symbol: The universe which is aware.
<- Function: To experience change of the universe.
Cultural property: Mathematical universe hypothesis.
-> Reflective judgment: Also physically,
the self in the high order world is confirmed mathematically.

Principle: Self is a pure effect in the universe.
<- Trial: The person find out the guidance of the activity
to arbitrary results.
Change: Things small are also the processes of awakening
to truth.
-> Human ability: The connecting point of truth and force
as actual existence.

Existence: Effect. It exists really in the process.
<- Mercy: The person can obtain a reason concept dynamically.
Appearing: Reconstruction of the process of the world.
-> Possible of object: Experience which is equal to things
that exist really is potentially possible.
* The first scheme method.


[Instance of freedom]


The human being can reflect to the active world
the universe which is the real mother's body.


The human being's activity is the point of contact
to the ambiguous and unambiguous true world.


Experience in the true world is started at every moment.

Scheme: 1673

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Precedence acquisition of future materializes remaining power of time to be force.

[General view.]


[Illustration of reasons.]

Feel things suggestively beforehand.
- From the sixth edition of Kojien -

[What has occurred?]

That all creation can exist in the world as one is a basis
with which human beings cannot deny the reason concept
of truth.
In this,
we can say all creation effect with truth at the same time.

When we assume that the origin of human beings and
the origin of nature are the same,
it is imagined that there is the relation
with two or more partial and particular arising of both.
Moreover, the concept of the "premonition" is shared
by human beings as a general example of experience equivalent
to this imagination.

[What has not been solved?]

Neither human beings's act nor behavior of nature
is truth itself.
However, if it sees from truth,
to the plurality things of partial and particular,
and in jumping relation,
the human beings react, and begin to tackle the occurrence
in the future.

Materializing the general method has not fully been done yet
in present economy or industry to this transcendental ability.

Although precedence acquisition of the future is
human beings's survival method.
Because, time remaining power is one of the force.

Scheme: 1677

This article is related to the scheme 1676.
"Prototype to urge as which human being regards that oneself
changes high order."

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Prototype to urge as which human being regards that oneself changes high order.

[General view]


"Nature makes infinite change" is said.
we have been experienced such.

the human being has kept up survival corresponding
to the natural infinite change.
We can assume since it can react to the same origin as nature
that is the ability with which the human being
to materialize survival conditions.

The human being has the thinking power
which traces back the cause of the experienced phenomenon
to high order further.
When assuming the origin
with which the thinking power is possible to be the same origin
as nature,
a prototype of the "transcendency" which the human being expects
acquisition is thought.

It is also a prototype of the urge
with which the human being makes oneself high order
also effective to the survival environment
which the human beings create,
including economy and industry.


(1)Copernican revolution.

"Copernican revolution" is the simile word
with which the view of things are changed 180 degrees.
In epistemology,
it was the common sense of the conventional philosophy
that the human being's recognition is
what accepts the object which is outside.
To it, Kant explained,
the human being has not recognized the thing in itself,
but the human being's recognition constituting the phenomena.
In this way,
the modernistic epistemology
which asks the human being's recognition itself
was materialized.
- Wikipedia (in Japan)-

(2) From scheme 1673

"Hint about utilization of overall potential energy of phenomenal world."


Symbol: The process of the change of the phenomenal world.
<- Function: Connection with an unknown change.
Cultural property: Control (linguistics).
-> Reflective judgment: Things to manifest are acquired
by interpreting of the phenomenal world.

Principle: We get reflection of the benefit
of the phenomenal world.
<- Trial: Re-acquisition of grasp of the phenomenal world
accompanying expansion of thinking.
Change: Acquisition of the function of the infinite form.
-> Human ability: Self-existence is things
in which existence was reflected.

Existence: Awakening about that existence of things is possible.
<- Mercy: Being possible of thinking of the change itself.
Appearing: Eternal and infinity.
-> Possible of object: Things small existing.

* The first scheme method.


Scheme: 1676

The effect exists also in yourself.

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Things react to truth, and arise.
Truth reacts to cause and effect, and arises.

Truth and self are conformable by leaving things.
Cause and effect and a phenomenon are conformable
by leaving truth (adherence).

The two arise in self-existence.
Therefore, the existence world exists with one.


Classic Chinese text by Lao Tzu, Chapter 1.

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"Brain noticing with preceding."

"The manifesting person of the effect."


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