You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


Big function and big flow.

I was already aware of me in a big function.

It is not said with conceit.
As for it, by people's reaction of
the large "views of consciousness",
and by the conformity of the capability
which I myself learned.

the thing to be adjusted of consciousness
is the same in every person in process of change.

That big function and the big flow conform,
it is manifestation of the size of Japan.

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Progress in phenomenon world. Change currently required.

As progress, it is far better
to understand a certain new meaning and value,
and to self-assert based on independence
rather than the person is polite without independence.

The substances of self-assertion are different
with the person's social positions and knowledge of life.
It explains that progress is an occurrence
in the phenomenon world.

The whole has a flow,
and the flow itself is change currently required.


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Shiodome. Nihonbashi. Formation of function of symbol.

In quest of the inspiration,
I visited Hama-Rikyu Garden.

The symbol was in sight this time.
And I have understood the symbol
from the formation of the function.
It meant also making it clear
that the composition force seen
in the Glass Bead Game until now.

It is used in combination with the reason concept
(transcendental concept).


I advanced embodiment of the future activity plan
in Tully's in the building of Nihon Television.

Function of the Glass Bead Game and my purpose
were adjusted as principle of my activity.

Before going into Hama-Rikyu Garden,
I saw the studio of Pon! before broadcast.

A beautiful woman and I looked at each other
for a moment.
It was the expression showing familiarity.
I thought "although it is before acting,
the pro does not have leave."


I visited Nihonbashi.

I was conscious of behavior of a woman
of the next seat being calm at the coffee shop.

I remembered the general thing as
"thinking in culture, the acceleration
which does not have the slowdown method
is dangerous."

The women are a centripetal phenomenon
like the water surface.

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Speed of symbol, and speed by trend of world.

Although access to my Japanese blog has a wave on days,
access to my English blog has increased constantly.
Since "precedence of composition" is
"technique of survival" in the 21st century,
it is natural.

Technique has evolved,
so that public presentation of the first scheme method
which is the possible basis of the Glass Bead Game
which had said that realization was impossible
to human beings
can think "a reasonable step."
However, "the effect of time" was required
until the meaning of essence penetrated.

It was an important experience that there are the factor
which I do my best and attain,
and the factor which natural reason advances achievement of.
Actually, I have two,
thinking that I am helped by the approval persons and
thinking that I am helped by the profits of time.


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Creation principle and competition principle. And I update global image.

I make the creation principle the basis of action.
On the other hand, the general public tends to make
the principle of competition the basis of action.

Judgment processes differ in the creation principle
and the competition principle.
However, both are simultaneously reflected
in the phenomenon world.

About the development which is advancing,
I should update the global image of judgment.

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