Flow by ultimate cause.

Free reaction person.

Reaction system to development.

Two beginnings.


Human creates a flow in response to the ultimate cause.

In what the production process globalized,
a de-facto standard came to be materialized on many goods
for which people ask.

It is the structure which happened
in the software industry before.
Those who create the context (flow) win about thing
rather than cheaper and a high quality.

A flow arises from the origin.
The origin is the ultimate cause.

Change is observed actually.

Those who "react" well by the ultimate cause
lead a context (flow).

Human is a phenomenon and there is universality
in all phenomenon.
Human reacts to the ultimate cause
using own universality.

There is wealth.
It is your own story.

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Free reaction person.

Human is one of the phenomena.
There is universality in all phenomenon.

Human notices things that have arisen
in the universality of the universe taking advantage
with own universality.
And human creates the reaction system for survival.

The universality of oneself of human is reacting
also unknown.
Human can also create the reaction system
to an unknown domain.

Development arises,
when the reaction to an unknown domain is good.
In process of development,
human acquires experiential freedom.

People who do the trial to the strangeness
by a free reaction system.
Free reaction person.

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A moment and eternal exist at the same time. Also existence.


Things change with time.
We call the time which can continue infinitely eternal.
Eternal exists at the same time with changing time.
Eternal exists in each moment.

Change exists in eternal.
A life exists in change.
A life is one form of eternal.

We see the world with one form of eternal.
The world is the past, the present and the future.
We interpret one fact to three.

Eternal exists in each moment.
As human being also.

Way of thinking: Dusk of revolution (around the sun).
Observation: Superhuman nature.

Way of thinking: Spring water of a solar clock.
Observation: To the horizon on which a miracle is based.

Way of thinking: A new life.
Observation: Origin of space-time.


Human is alive in the instant of eternal.
Human has got the benefit of eternal.
Human also can make actual what eternal made into reality.
But are restrictive.

* In this article,
I ran in the phenomenon using the reason concept group.

diagram: 1573

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The reaction system to development.

Human is a phenomenon and there is universality
in all phenomenon.
The universality is reacting to known and unknown both.

There is new development
in unknown use and a known combination.
Nature of purpose is the basis
manifesting the reaction system to unknown.

Spontaneousness supports change.

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Same number of form of universe and form of thinking exist. Even after cancellation of restrictions.

The following appeared asking the universality
which I myself have.
You have universality similarly.

It is compared with light and existence appears.

Truth has a trace found out by consciousness.
A possible phenomenon appears according to consciousness.
Human can chase the trace of change with the consciousness
which is not captured.

The possibility of structure exists itself.

Everything is given structure and exists.
Human may be conscious of the first cause
that constitutes possible.
Human can release self from the cause
of the second henceforth.

Energy to which form is not given.

There is form among the energies confirmed objective.
There is energy in the universe which is not recognized.
Energy becomes force by giving structure.


You can use the first diagram method
for the order of reverse from these symbols, a principle,
and existence, and can develop a possibility group.

As an example, I describe a part from this article.

Truth exists in a free form.
If the consciousness which human can have is said
as a range, suppose that there are no restrictions
in the form which can be given.

The energy:
The form of possible thinking by nature of it presupposes
that there is the same number with the possible form of
the universe by nature.
Human can cancel the restrictions gained a-posteriori.
Energy exists, even after canceling.

The structure:
If there is both discovery of the energy
which was canceling regulation of acquired thinking and
out of restrictions of thinking,
human can manifest a phenomenon as free for experience.
The form of energy responds to consciousness.

Nature of purpose is materialized in the above concept group.
Did you acquire the key to freedom?

There is structure of a miracle with your awareness.
It is a manifestation of freedom.

diagram: 1568

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New industrialization.

Reaction of imaginative power.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.


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