Human enhancement.

"Brain noticing with preceding."

Uplift becoming phenomenon.

Reaction system to development.

Two beginnings.


"Plan of DNA, and cross of changing energy. Thinking power and influence."


DNA is planning the possibility of survival
of an individual.
The phenomenal world results in change
to an individual.

The plan of use of the energy in an individual.
The opportunity of birth and death in the phenomenal
Each individual tries to be in extension of the relation
between energy and birth.

DNA far smaller than the usual consciousness.
Energy of the phenomenal world far bigger
than the usual consciousness.
The two work crosses and there is a process
in which each individual lives.

[About ability]

The determinant of the process
in which each individual lives exists
in the phenomenal world.
The basis of a possibility
that each individual can live exists
before thinking.

Human beings exist in big harmony.
The big harmony effects as a big determination occasionally.
The crossing effect which enables existence of human beings
can be the target of thinking power.

The life has a meaning.
The life can prove the relation of the cross of
an effect and real existence.
We are somethings that the universe described
and describe a part of universe.

Thinking power to the cross of the effects
and the relation of real existence.
The influence of the life.


Way of thinking: The soul which is not isolated any longer
has reacted to breathing of chlorophyll. The sun inclines.
Observation: Work of the thinking power of the activity person
who is at the cross of the prediction of DNA and the change of
the phenomenal world.

[Other inspirations of this series. ]


Way of thinking: The sound of the needle of a clock sounds
and I remember that the universe is beyond the blue of the sky.


Way of thinking: While sand falls,
it makes me remember that the horizon of a phenomenon is calm.

Beginning is always possible.

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"Life senses. Since it is one with energy which is origin."


The solar light is the energy of the life.

The solar light serves as energy of activity
of the lives by a plant.
And the life becomes possible on the earth
by the food chain.

Energy has also affected subconscious.
Moreover, energy is related to natural laws.

A life senses a natural change.
Human reacts to natural laws.

High-level awakening (finding out) senses the earth.

Awakening wakes up also in the irrational world.

[About ability]

The life has reacted to a true change.
It is not at the distorted change by human.

Intuition has arisen by the life.
A reaction of thinking may be late for it.

If a reaction catches up with intuition,
it will be in the state of awakening.
The world comes to be possible to see.

The awakening can trace back to beginning
which makes the life be possible.

The life is ability.


Way of thinking: the solar light is the energy
of the life.
Observation: the flow of the energy expressed
as "be the life."

[Other inspirations of this series. ]


Work of thinking of those who bear the life.


What leads the soul. The universal truth.

Beginning is always possible.

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"Spiritual mastery and spirituality with which system of necessity to survival in natural world is observed."


Please remember the history of life birth.
Although forms were different by making environment
into a factor,
we can consider the necessity of making a life.

The system of necessity has formula nature
and it is thought that it exists across this universe.

It is thought in the space-time in which we exist,
that the system of the necessity of not having resulted
as the life yet exists by environment and the process
of the passage of time also.

Supposing the system of necessity is personal,
it will be thought that there is a sprout of an intention
also in the system of the necessity of the life
as a potential.
However, I do not have a method
with which I prove the system of necessity is personal
or is not.

The "unknown" item appeared for the first time
since I did the Glass Bead Game also in the diagram
prepared in order to write this article.

The system of the necessity which is a process
with which it leads to the life is considered.
However, present I do not have the material for explaining
whether it has an intention.

[About ability]

Please grasp that the brain is the internal organs
reproducing the phenomena.
Supposing a thing general to human beings is
an necessary phenomenon,
it is possible that the mind which the brain reproduces
has a source also in a natural phenomenon.
As every person is born as an existence
who has the mind by the source influencing DNA universally.

Consciousness with which it should appear
what is expected by the mind.
The view that the consciousness is the powers of observation
to the system of the necessity which exists naturally.
It is not unnatural.
Because the necessity of forming human being is necessity
materialized in the natural world.

What human does not expect does not become the object
of observation.
What has not been the target of observation is not
recognized as a system.

Human expects universality from human's spirit.
Human observes change of the natural world
by spiritual expectation.
Expectation assumes various systems in the natural world.
Spiritual diversity reacts to the system of necessity
as an achievement of observation.
The element which can be judged that nature resembles
spirit is obtained.
Human becomes skilled in the method of supposition
for survival.

I do not have the material with which I judge now
whether there is a phenomenon which is the spirit
in the natural world.
However, ability for the diversity of the spirit
which becomes skilled to carry in a supposition good
for the natural world.
It is finding out the similar system in a life
and a natural phenomenon,
and is considered to increase the probability of survival.

Spirituality is making it conscious
of the potential domain of the system of necessity
about the ability to carry supposition
into the natural world.


Way of thinking: Spirituality being led.
Observation: The system of necessity being similar spirit.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: The effect of spirituality.


Way of thinking: Release of force.

Beginning is always possible.

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"Make survival be advantageous with reacting to the source of necessity."


We try to think that the life is progressing
by necessity.
As we are following the flow of the prepared

The source where necessity arises is assumed
in this assumption.
As the source of necessity controls activity
of a life.

We have a free intention in appearance at least.
The happiness and the unhappiness
which we experience are fixed
by whether the free intention suits source of necessity
or not.

We consider this paradoxically.
As the free intention is used so that it may react
to the source of necessity.

Then, it is imagined that we can foresee or use
that necessity arises.

Those who are floated by fate, and those
who is before fate.

Although repeated, this is based on a assumption.
On the other hand, there is an impression near the feelings
of the life in the view of the reaction to the source
of necessity.

[About ability]

We have the thinking power which considers a cause.
A result arises to a cause and we experience
happiness and unhappiness by the result.

A cause is a result of a higher cause.
About the only cause,
there is penetration that it is in the state
which cannot be experienced.
As philosopher Kant and Lao-tzu said.

We use a free intention about
"the state which we can not experience".
Or necessity happens in the state.
A free intention is what an activity person expects
necessity and shows.

If we are what "the state which we can not experience"
is reproduced,
it turns out that the free intention has the nature
similar to necessity.

If we use a free intention then,
"the state which we cannot experience" will react
like reaction.

That is,
we can think that we grasp partially work of
"the state which we cannot experience",
by the free intention.

Then, the free intention is a process of the foreseeing
of necessity which makes survival be possible,
and is progress in the possibility of survival.


Way of thinking: A silver system.
Observation: Human reacts to memory of the existing formation.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: The trajectory of generating.


Way of thinking: Perspective of a source.

Beginning is always possible.

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"In harmony which materializes world model, self is expanded to world."


There is common nature in everything,
such as existing in time or space.

Since human also has this common nature,
human can arrange and understand the world.

Although change may arise in processes other than
arrangement by human,
there is with nature common to time, space, etc. too.
Then, by assuming a new world model,
human can acquire the method of arrangement newly.

We can consider this that the world has a signal.
By gaining the meaning of a signal,
we can use the model of survival actually.

[About ability]

An effective world model is constituted by discovery
of the harmony which grasps the world.

Discovery of harmony is realized by acquisition of
a signal common to phenomena.
When the common signal is acquired,
we can check that phenomena are in the relation
between self-existence and harmony.

When it has a relation of harmony, in phenomena,
we can find out an effect that is same kind of our ability.

In the flow to the effect from an intention,
it can be considered that the effect of the same kind
in phenomena is self ability.

In the range without an unexpected change,
human can expand self to the world.


Way of thinking: The method which is a medium of the chime.
Observation: Make everything into ability by gaining the signal
in the world.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: Resonance nature which is the attribute
of everything.


Way of thinking: That the resonance nature to the phenomena
arises strong.

Beginning is always possible.

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Judgment in the enhanced spirit.

New industrialization.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.

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