Natural GBG, formation force.

Human enhancement.

"Brain noticing with preceding."

Uplift becoming phenomenon.

Two beginnings.


"Ability to contact origin of various phenomena which are not fettered to time."


We cause a fire.
The planets live in each age.
Various phenomena harmonize.

We can always cause a certain phenomenon.
The origin of the phenomena always exists.
It is independent of the flow of time.

We are fettered to the flow of time.
The origin of the phenomena transcends the flow
of time and exists.
When causing a phenomenon,
we are in contact with the origin.

[About ability]

The origin of the phenomena is not fettered to time.
We have experienced the situation of the origin
which is not fettered to time.

We exist as one of the phenomena
which arose on the origin.
So, we are fettered to time.
So, we have the tendency to believe that happiness
and unhappiness also exist in time.

In practice, the origin of possible things
in this world exists,
without never being fettered to time.
We are in contact with the origin in every experience.
We have the ability to contact the origin of the phenomena.


Way of thinking: A ubiquitous center.
Mass after the cross of the waves of change.
Observation: The elucidation of the existence
by generating and disappearance of arbitrary phenomena.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Observation: The stars which make quiet movement.
The pulse counted.


Observation: The beginning of space-time.
Movement of high energy.

Beginning is always possible.

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"Freedom sensed and sequence of effects."


The change itself is not intermittent
and it is the comprehensive existence itself.
Change arises as an effect.
The catalyst of the effect is made with substance.
Substance may be a solid.

The solid is seen as intermittence and
is a particular existence.
The body is intermittent substance when it sees
as an individual.
On the other hand, change itself affects
on an individual.

We are the particular examples of change as substance,
and are one of the catalysts of change as existence.

[About ability]

Change exists as one with us.
We who are particular examples are having activity
restricted on the other hand.

Many people have tried release from restrictions.
In other words, we sense freedom.

In freedom, change, existence, and an individual are equal.
The freedom sensed is an opportunity to all the effects.

Continuation of effects can be seen
when restrictions become low.


Way of thinking: The ripple effect of the tool
which concentrates on a central axis.
Observation: Freedom as conditions in which an individual
reacts to effects.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: Cardiac beats with
which the silver needles of 1000 is flowing horizontally.


Way of thinking: The wave motion of the cotton
which catches mass.

Beginning is always possible.

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"In the inside of the big framework which makes the life possible."


Various protein is working for maintenance of a life.

What is naturally generated in life activity by using
DNA as a plan.
What is compounded chemically in order to oppose a sick cause,
and is prescribed for the patient.

The life is maintained balancing the structure of matter
in the living body, and environmental influence.

The ecological method which cancels a sick cause has been
discovered by the natural world.
The limit of discovery is not set up. Moreover,
it will not be set up.

The living things which maintain the life
using artificial protein are only human beings.
On the other hand, human beings trust that the effect
which the balance of a natural phenomenon brings about exists.

[About ability]

Above-mentioned "balance of the natural world" arises also
in the living body as a place.
Moreover, we also include expansion of the balance by creation
of human being as the natural world.

Although a success of medical treatment is an effect of
a curative medicine etc.,
it lets the reaction of the living body be a premise.

The feeling of respect happens to realization of the ability
of people who invent or discover the medical treatment method,
and people of the spot who practice medical treatment.

On the other hand, we the ordinary people want to trust
that "the possible balance" of known and unknown natural world
and to remember that the life has arisen in bigger structure
than the usual thinking.

There is no telling what kind of result the effect of time
brings at an individual.
It is related to what kind of meaning is found out to the life
that is consciousness of the life being given in a big framework.

There is an effect of the time changed by the found-out meaning.

If we would like to find out the size of a life this time.
The viewpoint that creation of human being was also a part of
natural world was born.


Way of thinking: The afterimage of a constellation extends
a function group for every moment.
Observation: Give a meaning to the effect of the big framework
and time of a life.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: The drop of 7 colors has extended the wave ring
of acoustic velocity.


Way of thinking: Dust has returned the echo of "no" in the form
of the door.

Beginning is always possible.

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Natural Glass Bead Game, formation force.

Ability sharable for the Glass Bead Game
by the Glass Bead Game player and the general people
is formation force.

The General people can begin the Glass Bead Game
from use of formation force.
From the state in which they do not train.

Formation force is the ability of the Glass Bead Game
which human demonstrates naturally.

Formation force is also the ability to sense shortage
by the structure imagined.

Human being is a phenomenon and there is universality
in all phenomenon.
Formation force is a reaction to the universality.

There are two or more kinds of
the diagram methods of the Glass Bead Game.
From the first diagram method
to the high order diagram method.
Each has the feature.

Although each has the feature,
the common technique of the Glass Bead Game player
and the general people arises in formation force.

Those who contribute to development cause influence.
You are the person.

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"Obtaining a survival level high as a phenomenon with consciousness."


The life is a phenomenon with consciousness.
This consciousness is related to the phenomenal world mutual
for survival.

The consciousness related to the phenomenal world mutual
finds out self activity as a meaning in the world.

It is conscious of the origin of existence
that the survival obtained from a relation with the world
in phenomenon and meaning which were found out are

That the origin of existence and self are felt
with conformable brings survivors progress in survival,
and brings evaluation of survival.

[About ability]

By being a phenomenon,
we live arising in relation to the phenomenal world arising.

Since survival becomes a reason,
we desire to discern a relation with the phenomenal world
more deeply.

Everyone has the ability to understand the origin
of existence.
It is desire of survival that we understand the origin
of existence more deeply,
and is expression of the phenomenal world.

We are phenomena with consciousness and are existence persons
who demonstrate a relation with the phenomenal world as ability.


Way of thinking: It is compared with a severe situation and
a life shows the meaning.
Observation: The life which is a phenomenon with consciousness
works as a re-appearance of the world.

[Other inspirations of this series.]


Way of thinking: The body hair of the fox is swaying
in the wind which blows in snow.


Way of thinking: Like the formula of all the actual existence,
there are the trials of a life.

Beginning is always possible.

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Reaction system to development.

Judgment in the enhanced spirit.

Indirect truth.

Free effect.

The method of the glass beads
for handling a transcendental concept.

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