You are
a reaction system to a principle
with intuition
because of existing.

Not with a regulation,
but with use.


It is thought that effective generation force is in multiplication of globalization and identity.

It is thought that effective generation force
is in multiplication of globalization and identity.

I am relieved by the instances also in real,
which looks apparently irrational,
in which the factors of generation can emerge.

Although the existing concept may be emphasized
because new force arose practically,
the existing reason concept obtains the rather activated field.

To following step.

Principal axis of policy became clear.

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About composition capability of game with which we make globalization and identity sure.

The other day,
I had seen answers to questions raised at a Diet session,
and the strong expression of "Japan as being the second position
in the world in the country of a free trade principle (memory)"
by the Prime Minister Abe,
and I was conscious of it,
it was compared with 60% of the cabinet's approval rating.

Japan which is stabilized though it is an Eastern country
and which exists in G7 in the world of globalization
may include a connotation about a solution,
also protectionism may be related to the identity of a country.

On the contrary,
when it is asked as "how is the identity in the world
which does not globalize ?",
it turns out that it is hard to connect the way of thinking
to "affluence."

The country (- company and a person)
which tries to show formation of globalization and an identity
is understood to be a player of a future game.

If a game cannot be constituted to change,
the world may become unstable again like the first half
of the 20th century.

When we think to it,
the United States which began the upswing in stock prices again,
Japan where a real estate investment is becoming active again,
its Japan to which the "observation desire: motives"
of the incoming tourists continuing increasing in number,
and (although it dares to control words)
various international negotiations,
will be thought that the significance is related and given by them.

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From those who were aware of relative predominance, we will change to next stage sequentially.

If we observe as what changed
from "the time of requiring for an absolute advantage"
to "the time of acquiring relative predominance",
it will be felt that Japan acquired the initiative
in predominance in the way to own now.

Although it seems that
"how we can be aware of relative predominance"
was the theme (past form).
We will change to the next stage sequentially
from those who realized.


On 6th Nov.,
I visited to Tokyo Daijingu (a Shinto shrine).
The sacred oracle is a excellent luck.


I visited also to Yasukuni Jinja (a Shinto shrine).
I like the navy curry of the recipe in Meiji (era) 41.
The sacred oracle was a second luck.
Expression with
"the time so that it becomes rain while being fascinated
by the flower."
It was a excellent luck last time.

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On the birthday on October 2, 2016.

October 2 was my birthday.

I clarified the second scheme method of the Glass Bead Game
which was being used experientially.

I visited to Tokyo Daijingu.
The sacred oracle was "excellent luck".

I tried the sacred oracle of love on my life for the first time.
It was "luck".

I visited to Kanda Myojin.
And, Yushima Confucian Shrine.

Although I have become more familiar to Taoism than Confucianism,
I feel preciousness for the way of life of Confucius.

I am recovering from depression and am reducing medicine.
As there is dependence in a nervous medicine,
I endure withdrawal symptoms.

But I feel a meaning for my life
when I have a bird's-eye view.

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Complement of explanation of first schema method, and basic method of use of glass beads.

With development of the Glass Bead Game,
I complemented explanation of the first scheme method.

The bases of how to use the glass beads are also shown.

The intellectual property
which I have agreed to use to countries and people in the world
is shown by the linked page.


By the first scheme method of the Glass Bead Game,
universality is practiced as use of nature of purpose in each item
for the symbols, a principles, and existence.

The nature of practice of this universality
connects three sets of the first scheme method.

By the transcendence obtained by practice of the symbols,
the principles, and existence,
the border of practical use of various cultural property disappears.

This transcendence manifests links to each scheme.
It is because composition is shown
in each scheme and the objectivity in shift of composition
from a composition is reflected to the nature by practice.



Each scheme is assigned to the glass beads of various colors
in use of the glass beads.
Although the definition is free, since it is general,
red, green, and blue have been used in my sites.

At the same time, the glass bead the form of phenomena,
such as time and space, is used independently.
The light-blue glass bead has been used in my sites.

Furthermore, the glass bead which means change independently
about the form of a phenomenon is used at the same time.
The yellow glass bead has been used in my sites.

The big glass bead has been used as each actual existence,
and the small glass bead has been used as each factor.

As expression of causality of each glass bead, as used generally,
the form of the axis of coordinates and the clockwise rotation
have been used with composing.


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